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The Hidden Cost of Fee-Free Mortgages

Beware anything that claims to be ‘free’. Fee-free mortgages can have higher interest rates than other mortgage options. Find out what you need to know when considering a fee-free mortgage.

The Perks of a Premium Credit Card

Seen as a sign that you’ve ‘made it’, premium credit cards can actually be a sign that you are wasting your money. Find out what they do and how they should be used.

payday loans

Everything you need to know about payday loans

Payday loans work on the assumption that you desperately need to borrow a small amount of money that you will pay back on your next pay day. Find out what you need to know about payday loans and their alternatives.

What is a credit report

Don’t worry — the definition of “credit report” isn’t as scary as the name suggests. In this guide, we look at exactly what a credit report is, and explain how you can get one for free (hint: TotallyMoney has one you can check as many times as you like).

Calculator Explanations

We think that the best way to compare balance transfer cards is by the interest saved by switching your current balance or balances minus any applicable charges or fees over the length of the 0% offer.