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Credit Cards: a quick guide

  • Choose the right credit card: a quick start

    Balance transfer credit cards

    Getting a balance transfer card can help you to manage your debts. You can move an existing credit card balance onto the balance transfer card and make the most of the 0% interest offer period. When you first move the amount over you will have to pay a fee of 2–3%, although a longer deal may incur higher fees. The best idea might be to choose a card with a smaller transfer fee, but a shorter 0% period. Use our calculator to see which card could save you the most cash and also find out how likely you are to be accepted. Balance transfer cards aren’t designed for purchasing – if you use them in this way, you’ll pay interest on the money you spend.

    Find out how you could save money with a balance transfer card

    Purchase credit cards

    If you need to make a large purchase, this type of card can help you to spread the cost over several months. The cards offer you an introductory period, during which time you don’t pay any interest on your spending, as long as you make the minimum repayment each month. By the time the 0% interest period finishes, you should pay off the balance or move the amount onto a balance transfer card, because the subsequent interest rate could be very high.

    Use a 0% purchase card to spread your costs without paying interest

    Balance transfer and purchase credit cards

    You can use this kind of card if you have debt on a credit card and want to spread the cost of a single large purchase. Bear in mind, though, that you could get a better rate from separate balance transfer and purchase cards.

    Find out how to take advantage of a combined credit card

    Cashback credit cards

    A cashback credit card can reward you for paying off your balance each month by giving you back 1% to 5% of the amount you’ve spent. However, these cards have high interest rates, so you should only use them if you clear your balance each month.

    Get a cashback card and earn as you spend

    Rewards credit cards

    Similar to a cashback card, these credit cards offer rewards if you pay off your full balance each month. Instead of giving you money back, these cards let you earn points that can be used to buy things like flight tickets.

    How to get the most from your rewards credit card

    Store cards

    Lots of shops will offer you a store card at the till and they might tempt you with an introductory offer such as a discount on what you’re buying at the time. These cards usually have an extremely high rate of interest, so it’s best to turn them down.

    Charity credit cards

    These credit cards offer the opportunity to give a percentage of the money you spend to a charity of your choice. Although this sounds like a good idea, the charity often receives as little as 25p for every £100 spent. This is a very poor cashback rate of 0.25%. Consider using a regular cashback credit card, and giving the money that you earn to charity. This could mean a much better donation rate of around £1 for every £100 spent.

    Why your charity credit card probably isn't worth it

    Overseas spending

    Using your regular credit card abroad will mean that you pay an extra fee of around 3% on every purchase you make. For cheaper holiday spending, consider an overseas spending credit card, which will offer you a lower fee or no fee at all.

    Find the best card for spending abroad

  • The five fundamentals of building good credit

    These five golden rules can help you make the most of your credit card and build up your credit rating.

    • Set up a direct debit to avoid missed payments

      To build a good credit score, the most important thing is to never miss a payment. You should set up a direct debit so that at least the minimum payment is always paid on time. This helps you to avoid penalties and extra interest charges, and helps to keep your credit score healthy.

       Avoiding the trap of minimum repayments

    • Limit your credit applications

      If you apply for lots of credit over a short period of time, this will hit your credit rating hard. A credit check is run by the lender each time you make an application and it’s recorded on your file. Lenders will think that you’re desperate for money if they can see lots of checks on your record. Try our eligibility checker to see which cards are most likely to accept your application, without leaving a mark that is visible to lenders on your credit file.

       Find out more about your credit score

    • Use your credit card

      If you have a credit card and use it sensibly by paying off the balance each month, this can boost your credit record. This means you could be able to get better deals and interest rates in the future.

       Making the most of your credit card

    • Cancel unused credit cards

      Don’t just cut up any old cards – contact your providers and make sure they’re officially cancelled. This can help your credit rating as lenders base their decisions partly on the total amount of credit you have access to, including credit limits on unused cards.

    • Understand your deal

      Make sure that you know the interest rates and fees that apply to your credit card. It’s a good idea to set a reminder in your diary or phone, so that six weeks before a 0% deal is due to end you get a warning. This can help you to avoid penalties.

  • How to protect your credit rating

    Seven million people’s credit applications are turned down each year, which negatively impacts their credit score. You can avoid the cycle of credit declines by comparing cards using

    With our eligibility checker, you can see which cards are most likely to accept your application before you apply. This protects your credit score, and doesn’t leave a footprint that can be seen by lenders.

    Find the cards that could accept you

    Customers who used our eligibility check service for a full credit card comparison experienced a 114% higher credit acceptance rate (January to July 2014).

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