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  • Mortgages

    Buying with Help from Your Parents

    With the average first time buyer needing at least a £16,000 deposit, it’s not surprising many of us...

  • Mortgages

    The Truth About Discount Mortgages

    Discount mortgages lure borrowers in with tantalising low interest rates, but they have a sting in t...

  • Mortgages

    An Introduction to Mortgages

    What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a long-term loan taken out to buy property or land. You repay the ...

  • Mortgages

    Save with an Offset Mortgage

    Offset mortgages are a great way to shave years off the length of your mortgage. By simply using you...

  • Mortgages

    The Best Way to Repay Your Mortgage

    When you take out a mortgage you must choose how you are going to repay it. You can either go for an...

  • Mortgages

    How to Find a Mortgage

    Don't: Use Banks and Estate Agents Don't be tempted to only talk to your current account or existing...

  • Credit Cards

    Dump Your Charity Credit Card

    At first glance a charity credit card can seem like a simple, low-effort way to regularly donate to ...

  • Mortgages

    Getting a Mortgage if You’re Self-Employed

    Post-credit crunch, it has become trickier for self-employed workers, freelancers and contractors to...

  • Credit Cards

    Getting Credit for the First Time

    If you are new to the country or young, you may struggle to get accepted for credit as you don't hav...

  • Credit Cards

    What to Do if Your Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

    Minimise the pain of a stolen or lost credit card by following our guide on who you need to inform, ...

  • Mortgages

    How to Boost Your Mortgage Borrowing Power

    Your dreams of buying your perfect home can often be curtailed by a lender's tight purse strings. If...

  • Mortgages

    How to Get Onto the Property Ladder

    Owning your own home may seem beyond your reach. But is it? With numerous schemes out there to give ...

  • Free Credit Report

    Understanding Your Credit Score

    Despite what many people think, there is no such thing as a universal credit score. Every bank has a...

  • Credit Cards

    Making the Most of How to Use Your Credit Card

    Credit cards are powerful money-saving tools. Used correctly they can save you thousands of pounds i...

  • Mortgages

    Maximise Your Profits with a Buy-to-Let Mortgage

    What is a Buy-to-Let Mortgage? Buy-to-let mortgages have some key differences to ordinary mortgages....

  • Credit Cards

    8 Reasons Why You Need a Credit Card

    Remember when no one compared car insurance online? Amazingly when it comes to credit cards, the UK ...

  • Credit Cards

    Getting the Most from Your Rewards Credit Card

    £500 billion is spent on plastic each year but well over 80% of that doesn't earn rewards. If you pa...

  • Credit Cards

    Discover the Cards that Stop Credit Rejection

    If you have been rejected for a credit card, read this guide before applying again. There are credit...

  • Credit Cards

    Spread Your Costs With a 0% Purchase Credit Card

    Planning a major purchase? A 0% purchase credit card is the cheapest way to borrow and (as with all ...

  • Credit Cards

    Make the Most of a Combined Credit Card

    Combined credit cards offer interest-free deals on balance transfers and new purchases. Use one corr...

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