Credit Cards guides

Make the Most of a Combined Credit Card

Discover the cheapest way to pay off small debts. If you move your credit card debts on to a 0% balance transfer card you could pay no interest for over two years.

Avoid the Minimum Repayments Trap

Making the minimum repayment on debts might seem like it is costing you next-to-nothing each month, but in reality you might be paying a lot more back than you need to.

The Perks of a Premium Credit Card

Seen as a sign that you’ve ‘made it’, premium credit cards can actually be a sign that you are wasting your money. Find out what they do and how they should be used.

Calculator Explanations

We think that the best way to compare balance transfer cards is by the interest saved by switching your current balance or balances minus any applicable charges or fees over the length of the 0% offer.