Ready for the release of Fluid?

For a long time, the credit industry has been saturated with balance transfer offers that target the prime market — that is, those whose credit ratings are almost perfect. At the time of writing, the longest balance transfer offer available is 36 months from MBNA. How good must your credit rating be for a lender to give you three years to clear your debt interest-free?
Those whose credit ratings sit on the cusp of perfection, however, have long been under-served, settling for shorter balance transfer offers far inferior to their borrowing potential — until now.
We identified this gap in the market and have worked closely with financial services provider NewDay to fill it. Thus, Fluid was born: a highly competitive 0% balance transfer offer of nine months, designed for near-prime audiences.
Near-prime audiences can now use Fluid to move credit card balances from other credit providers to one place, giving them more time to pay down their balance without paying interest. It also offers credit limits of up to £2,000 — much higher than what’s previously been available to this market.
And to pay tribute to the Fluid name, flexibility has been built into the card to help customers get on top and stay there: account management tools, text alerts, and the option to choose and change payment dates.
It all takes us one step closer to our goal of helping customers make smarter borrowing decisions.
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