The UK’s Most Stressful Places to Live

Feeling some additional pressure recently? You might just be a product of your environment. We’ve looked at 16 stress-inducing factors across the country – such as finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates – to find the least and most-stressed towns and cities in the UK:
The interactive page includes stats and insights for each town and city. In addition to this please find some key points below:

  • London ranks as the UK’s most stressed city. A result of the longest average commute times from the UK’s most expensive homes to jobs which require the most overtime;
  • Doncaster is the least stressed place in the country, thanks to an enormous sense of wellbeing. In addition to this, Doncaster has the highest job growth, the third lowest cost of living and comparatively affordable housing;
  • Dundee is Scotland’s most stressed city, and the 4th most stressed in Britain. With the second lowest average credit edibility scores, Dundee is also the UK’s fifth highest-ranking city for unemployment benefits claimants;
  • With 0% job growth and the third lowest average credit eligibility scores Newport ranks as Wales’s most stressed city and 12th in the UK, ahead of Swansea (29th) and Cardiff (46th);
  • Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city also ranks as the second most stressed.  With job growth of just 0.2% and some of the highest unemployment levels, those who can find work should expect to put in an average of 9 hours overtime per week.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at, said of the findings: “Poor access to credit and financial troubles are a big contributor when it comes to stress. “We hope this research will help shine a light on the areas in which people can take control and  reduce their stress levels.” Here are the full rankings from the research, showing the most to least-stressed places to live in the UK:

Rank City Rank City Rank City Rank City
1st London 14th Coventry 27th Leeds 40th Portsmouth
2nd Birmingham 15th Glasgow 28th Blackburn 41st Telford
3rd Ipswich 16th Aberdeen 29th Swansea 42nd Bristol
4th Dundee 17th Bolton 30th Northampton 43rd Warrington
5th Worthing 18th Cambridge 31st Bournemouth 44th Reading
6th Manchester 19th Brighton 32nd Southampton 45th Swindon
7th Liverpool 20th Edinburgh 33rd Gloucester 46th Cardiff
8th Newcastle 21st Preston 34th Bradford 47th Leicester
9th Luton 22nd Stoke 35th Peterborough 48th Wigan
10th Slough 23rd Plymouth 36th Exeter 49th Milton Keynes
11th Sunderland 24th Norwich 37th Burnley 50th Oxford
12th Newport 25th Sheffield 38th Crawley 51st York
13th Derby 26th Middlesbrough 39th Nottingham 52nd Doncaster

To compile this data used the following sources: Job Market (weighting: 20%)

Commute (weighting: 20%)

Finances (weighting: 20%)

  • Average house price: Zoopla
  • Cost of living index: Numbeo data (made up of: average meal for two/average monthly travel/average fitness club membership/average cinema ticket)
  • Credit Eligibility Score: eligibility scores of over 300k UK residents

  Wellbeing (weighting: 20%)

  • Worthwhile: ONS
  • Anxiety: ONS
  • Happiness: ONS

  Demographics (weighting: 20%)

  • Population density: ONS
  • Crime: CrimeRates
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