Where are you on the UK Credit Map?

Apr 1st 2015

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Research reveals that Ilford is the only area of the country where you have a better than evens chance (51.6%) of being accepted for a credit card.

Ilford has been crowned the credit card acceptance capital of the UK, with 51.6% of those who applied for a credit card being accepted. The Credit Index1 and interactive map released today by TotallyMoney.com, the credit comparison experts, paints a picture of a shifting credit landscape in England, Wales and Scotland. TotallyMoney.com’s Credit Index and interactive map ranks one-quarter-of-a-million credit card applications based on the likelihood of acceptance or rejection. This data covers 123 areas in the UK over the year. Nationwide, research reveals that the number of consumers being accepted for credit cards has risen to 40%. This figure is up 1% on the previous year, but there are still stark divides between the regions and the research uncovers the postcode lottery facing credit card applications.

  • Suburban Success: Putting the great in Greater London, Ilford leads the way as the only area of the country with a better than evens chance (51.6%) of being accepted for a credit card. While 2013 credit success stories St Albans, Bromley and Kingston upon Thames have all taken a tumble out of the top ten, Southall (50.4%) and Harrow (50.2%) are new entrants – creating a halo of credit acceptance around the capital.
  • East Rising: East London has leapt 74 places up the table to take the fourth highest acceptance rate spot (49.5%). And with one of the highest per capita application rates (0.5%) in the country, the post-Olympics regeneration of the area shows no sign of slowing.
  • Scotland’s struggle: Five of the lowest scoring spots are in Scotland. Dundee (35.8%) Dumfries (35.8%) Paisley (36.1%) and Motherwell (36.2%) join Kilmarnock (34.8%) at the bottom of the Credit Acceptance Index. But it's not all bad news, as Kirkwall (48.1%) has climbed 52 places since 2013 to grab the fifth highest acceptance rate place.
  • Strictly Credit Hungry: For the second year in a row, the people of Blackpool made the highest number of applications for credit per capita in the UK (0.537%). The inhabitants of the Ballroom dancing Mecca were closely followed by the residents of Kilmarnock (0.535%) and Sunderland (0.51%). Although the number of applications remains high in Blackpool, their acceptance rate is better than 2013 levels and they have climbed 10 places in the Credit Index, leapfrogging Cleveland and Swansea.
  • National Acceptance: In 2014, 40% of credit card applications across the UK have been accepted. This is an increase from the 39% level in 2013.

Nigel Pocklington, CEO of TotallyMoney.com comments: “Our Annual Credit Index has again revealed insights into credit card application rejection rates across the country. “We've seen urban regeneration in East London reflected in improved credit application acceptance, but there are still many people struggling to access affordable credit, particularly in the North and Scotland. “A key finding of this study is that the overall credit card acceptance rate actually rose last year. “This may reflect an optimism and confidence among lenders that they can relax their acceptance criteria or that consumers are making better-informed decisions about credit. “With most consumers facing a less than a 50:50 chance of being accepted, it's more important than ever that consumers use a service like TotallyMoney.com that shows how likely you are to be accepted before you apply for credit. “Fear of rejection leads more than one-third (36%)2 of credit card holders to hang on to their existing card and potentially miss out on huge savings. Switching to a market leading credit card saves the average balance transfer customer over £800 over the lifetime of the deal – This dwarfs the average savings made from switching energy provider or taking out new insurance.”

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