59% of Overtime Workers Won’t Get Paid for the Rest of 2018 from 16th October

Oct 11th 2018

Embargo 00.01 Tuesday 16th October 2018 A OnePoll survey commissioned by TotallyMoney shows that 59% of overtime workers don’t get compensated for the extra hours they put in — the equivalent of not being paid from 16th October until the rest of 2018. https://www.totallymoney.com/overtime-survey/ The survey asked 2,000 workers about the hours they put in and found that unpaid overtime isn’t an occasional effort, but a regular part of working life. The research calls into question whether businesses treat employees fairly enough and whether more should be done to compensate them — especially with Christmas fast approaching, when many could do with the money they’ve rightfully earned. Employees in the UK on average put in 10.1 hours overtime per week, totalling 469 hours of unpaid work per year for 59% of overtime workers. 53% of those surveyed said their reason for putting in extra hours was due to “too much work”, with 61% of respondents saying they don’t have a good work/life balance. 15% said they work extra because of “pressure from senior figures”. Nevertheless, the issues might not all be work-related, with 1.4% claiming they do overtime to “avoid going home”.   Regional Differences Workers in London come off worst, averaging 10.56 hours overtime each week. Some 11% work in excess of 30 hours extra per week. Those working in Glasgow, on the other hand, appear to fare better, with 60% claiming they do get paid for the extra hours they put in. Furthermore, almost half of those working in East Anglia report not to be stressed due to work.   Gender Overtime Gap However, the research has sparked new debates about whether the issues surrounding gender in the workplace go beyond the gender pay gap. Women are much less likely to get paid for the extra hours they put in, are more likely to feel stressed and run down due to work, and are more likely to work overtime to progress their careers compared to their male counterparts. The survey also shows women are more likely to perform work-related duties in their own time.   Overtime Calculator With the research in mind, TotallyMoney has created an Overtime Calculator, so workers can see how much money they’re potentially missing out on. https://www.totallymoney.com/overtime-worth/ Download Overtime Calculator embed code here. The overtime calculator considers salary, contract hours, annual leave, and the extra hours worked to calculate the true cost of unpaid overtime. TotallyMoney Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Mark Moloney, said: “While many employees accept overtime as part and parcel of the job, few people realise the extent to which they are working for free. “We hope the results of the survey will open company eyes to how unfairly they’re treating their employees, and bring about the step change needed for a more equal workplace — especially for women.”

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