London’s Commuter Hotspots: New Research Finds The Capital’s Best Commuter Towns

Apr 5th 2017

London1 Londoners have to deal with the financial pressures of living in the one of the world’s most expensive cities, which is why many choose to relocate to the suburbs and commute into the city. has looked into the towns surrounding London to find the best commuter hotspots. The towns have been ranked on factors including travel time to London by train, cost of a season ticket, life satisfaction and house prices. The research found Swanley in Kent to be London’s best commuter town, closely followed by Bushey in Hertfordshire. If you’re looking to move out of London to Weybridge then you might want to reconsider, as this was found to be the least attractive commuter town. Head over to to see London’s best 25 commuter towns as well as a full breakdown of the research. has also created an interactive tool that lets you find your perfect commuter town by imputing how much you are willing to spend on a season ticket, how long you want you commute to be and the amount you are willing to spend on a home. For many potential commuters, house prices will dictate where they move to. Here are the commuter towns with the cheapest and most expensive average house prices. commuter Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications at, said of the research: "Like so many decisions in life, finding the perfect place you can call home is about balancing what's important to you. Our research has found that more affordable housing and a greater overall satisfaction with life is a powerful draw for people looking to get out of London. So, if you're willing spend a little longer on the train on your morning commute, you might find that your ideal location lies outside the M25 in one of the table-topping towns of Kent or Hertfordshire."

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