Jess the Ticket! Tickets for singer Jess Glynne’s gigs can resell for over 5000% of their face value!

Apr 28th 2016

gig tickets When it comes to top pop performers, true fans will do almost anything to see them live – and that can include paying eye-watering ticket prices. Which is good news for those who aren’t that bothered about seeing the likes of Adele, Rihanna, or Justin Bieber, as, if they’re canny, they can sell on their gig tickets and make a few extra quid. But is it worth the hassle of posting up the details on a ticket resale website? Well, it depends on the pulling power of the performer. Credit comparison site researched the highest resale price for a variety of current acts, to find out how much more their tickets would sell for, and came up with some highly interesting results: Top of the pops is Hold My Hand singer Jess Glynne, whose tickets enjoyed a whopping 5028% price increase, selling to the highest bidder for £1,000. Why Me? she may ask. Well, if you’ve had 5 number one hits over the past 12 months, you’ve got to be doing something right… Everything’s tickety-boo for Jess Glyne… Coming in at number two in the highest mark-up charts is pop playboy Justin Bieber, whose £45 face value tickets can go for £1,300: a 2789% increase. He’s got absolutely nothing to be Sorry for, with that kind of fanbase! Snapping at his heels, however, is the feisty Adele, whose tickets can command a 2129% price increase from a face value of £95 to a staggering £2,117.75. She’s not just Rolling in the Deep, she’s Rolling in Money… Other high performers include Little Mix (1186%) price increase in their gig tickets) and Coldplay (739% price increase). In the battle between Beyonce and Rihanna, however, it’s the Irreplaceable _Beyonce who comes out on top: her tickets can make a 672% price increase, more than double the percentage of Rihanna’s, at 293%. Trailing behind the rest, however, is poor old Ellie Goulding; her tickets only manage a 131% price increase, from £43.25 to £100. Not so _Starry Eyed now, maybe… “Some artists sell better than others,” says Joe Gardiner from, “and if you time it right, you can make some serious cash for yourself if you put a ticket you don’t want up for sale.” There will always be some, however, who will actually sell for under their face value; we’re thinking Jedward, Wagner, or any other X Factor novelty act! So if you fancy a cheap night out, keep an eye on the resale websites…

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