Over Half of Men in a Relationship Think They’d Be Richer Single

Survey reveals 52% of men believe they'd be financially healthier without a better half.

They say that chivalry's dead, but a new survey by TotallyMoney.com has revealed that more than half of men believe they spend more money in a relationship than they would as a singleton. Dates, gifts, getaways – of the 600 people surveyed, 52% of men currently in a relationship feel that life as a couple is more expensive than going it alone. Despite the high cost of living alone and of shouldering bills, rent and mortgages solo, almost half of the 300 “loved up” individuals asked by TotallyMoney.com claimed they'd be richer as singletons. Both gender and age played a big part in the answers to the survey. Men were much more likely to believe that they'd have more money as bachelors. Women were more likely to think they were better off where they are:

  • 52% of men in a relationship believe they'd be richer as bachelors
  • 61% of women in a relationship think they'd be financially better off as they are.
  • Age affected the results as it was largely middle-aged people (35-44) who answered “yes”
  • Meanwhile 68% of single people agreed that they’d be wealthier remaining alone

This data may appear surprising, especially given the current high costs of living alone. Rent, mortgages, bills, food; in the UK, shouldering these expenses alone is a struggle for many individuals who do not live with a partner. Yet still the boys believe they'd be financially better off as bachelors. But are people really being inundated with expensive gifts and treats from their male partners? Do men really contribute more financially to their relationships in the 21st century? 61% of women who are in a relationship seem to think that may be the case. This significant percentage thinks that they would be richer in their current relationship and poorer alone. Hearteningly, the gender gap diminishes significantly in younger age groups:

  • 51.6% of men in a relationship aged 24-35 believe they'd be richer in that relationship

In our current economy, sticking together as a young couple looks much more economically viable than going solo. With rents rising and getting on the housing ladder more challenging than ever before, young couples are finding that shacking up comes with plenty of financial incentives. Above the typical child-rearing age of 35, however, the picture changes. Women are likely to feel financially stable in a relationship, while men are more likely to believe in a more lucrative single lifestyle:

  • 68.8% of men in a relationship aged 35-44 believe they'd be richer alone
  • 50% of women in a relationship aged 35-44 believe they'd be richer with their partner

The survey turned up one unusual variable, which could have women with expensive taste hopping on the ferry to Belfast. Geographic location played a big part in responses to the survey, with Northern Irish men currently in a relationship the most likely to believe they'd be richer alone.

  • 33.3% Scottish men in a relationship believe they'd be richer alone

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Notes to Editors:

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