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TotallyMoney’s Borrowing Power Map Reveals UK’s Credit Haves and Have Nots

TotallyMoney’s new free credit report service provides customers with live updates about their  Borrowing Power. And now they’ve mapped the UK’s average scores across almost 3,000 postcode districts.

TotallyMoney’s new Credit Report provides customers with unique up-to-the-minute information about their credit status. TotallyMoney has developed a Borrowing Power tool that is updated each time a customer logs in to their Credit Report dashboard.

Borrowing Power uses information from the customer’s live credit position and real-time market-wide lending data to calculate how likely they are to be accepted for credit. TotallyMoney analysed data from 289,200 customers to discover the state of nation’s credit eligibility.

Key Findings

Top of the Table: Bradford, West Yorkshire, has the highest average Borrowing Power (3.44) out of the UK’s largest cities, while Glasgow, with a Borrowing Power of 3.36, is the top Scottish city.

Urban Uncertainty:  Of the UK’s ten most populated cities, only six (Bradford, London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield) have an average Borrowing Power equal to or higher than the national average of 3.29.

Live like a Kingstonian: With 357 out of 1000, the KT postcode area of Kingston, Surrey, has the highest average Borrowing Power level in the UK.

Levels Down in the Valley: The postcode area with the lowest average Borrowing Power is SA (Swansea, West Glamorgan) with just 3.13.

South East Powerhouse: The top four areas with the highest average Borrowing Power levels (Kingston, Twickenham, Bromley and South-West London), all lie in the South-East of England.

Explore the full Interactive Borrowing Power Map of the UK and see the average Borrowing Power level for each UK postcode area:

Here are the UK’s ten largest cities ranked by their average Borrowing Power.


Average Borrowing Power





















Joe Gardiner, TotallyMoney Head of Brand and Communications, says: “Perhaps what’s most surprising is not the differences that our Borrowing Power analysis has uncovered, but that those differences are not as stark as they could have been.

“Borrowing Power is not as heavily skewed towards London and the South East as other economic indicators such as house prices and wages; Bradford, West Yorkshire, tops the table and cities in Scotland, the Midlands, South West and North West all feature in the top ten.

“Wales is struggling, with three of the lowest Borrowing Power cites in the UK Swansea, Cardiff and Newport.

“The suite of tools we’ve developed as part of our new Free Credit Report are designed to give everyone the best opportunity to make the most of their credit, no matter what their current status.”

Borrowing Power for a Brighter Future

For the first time, TotallyMoney customers have access to six years of credit history information and receive real-time notifications to help them understand any changes in their credit score.

While the Credit Report helps customers understand their financial history, Borrowing Power helps them build a better financial future.

Smarter Credit Decisions

The credit report data is provided by Callcredit and TotallyMoney has designed four free tools to help customers make smarter credit decisions and take control of their finances.

  1. Live Credit Score & Full Credit Report - Your current credit position updated each time you log in, plus six years of borrowing history made straightforward and simple to check.

  2. Borrowing Power - A real-time view of how likely you are to be accepted for credit.

  3. Intelligent Alerts - Notifications of changes in your credit report and credit eligibility.

  4. Bespoke Personalisation -  Helps you make the best credit application choices by simplifying product comparison.

Sign up for your Free Credit Report and Live Borrowing Power at

These new services build on the powerful, personalised credit comparison platforms that TotallyMoney has developed and that power some of the UK’s most forward-thinking financial brands. TotallyMoney’s data-led insights enable their lending partners to design and market better products to TotallyMoney customers.

About TotallyMoney

TotallyMoney provides customers with a free Live Credit Score & Report that puts them right at the centre of their credit data, helps them make smarter decisions and take control of their finances.

TotallyMoney’s unique Borrowing Power algorithm shows customers how likely they are to be offered credit by real-world lenders.

TotallyMoney is an independent credit broker, not a lender. It provides a free comparison service to customers, though they may be paid a fee by lenders. How much they get paid doesn't influence how the service works or the ranking of any credit products presented to customers.

For more information, please contact the press team

About TotallyMoney

With a focus on the one in three UK adults financially under-served by the financial services industry, TotallyMoney is the credit app on a mission to help everyone move their finances forward.

TotallyMoney believes people’s financial data should work for them, and not against them and with more than four million customers, they provide the UK’s only free, live credit score and report.

Its service helps customers understand their financial position and provides personalised recommendations so they can start creating financial momentum. TotallyMoney also works closely with leading lenders, to ensure eligible customers are matched with the right products, underpinned by its robust data, product and tech capabilities.

TotallyMoney is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We're on a mission to help everyone move their finances forward and gain financial momentum.

TotallyMoney is an independent credit broker, not a lender. Our comparison service works with most leading lenders, covering the majority of the market. Though we may be paid a fee by lenders or brokers this never influences how our products are ranked.

We don't provide financial advice. Product information is obtained from independent sources and rates displayed may vary depending on your personal circumstances. While we make every effort to ensure that information is up to date, you should always confirm the terms of the offer with the product provider.

TotallyMoney is owned and operated by TotallyMoney Limited which is registered in England and Wales (Company Registration Number 06205695). TotallyMoney Limited is an Appointed Representative of TM Connect Limited, which is registered in England and Wales (Company Registration Number 06967012) and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of consumer credit related activities (FCA FRN: 511936). Trading Address and Registered Office: Chapter House, 16 Brunswick Place, London N1 6DZ. Credit is available, subject to status, only to UK residents aged 18 or over.

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