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The Cost of Being an NFL Fan

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Broncos, beers, and (Super) Bowls - it costs $2364 on average to be an NFL fan

In the lead-up to the Super Bowl,’s research shows that it costs $2,364.27 on average to follow a team throughout the season – and finds the how much it takes to support the different teams in the League. If you’re a die-hard fan of an NFL team, you won’t be surprised to hear that it can make your wallet creak and groan. But how much are you willing to spend to prove your team loyalty? In the new infographic from, you can see just what it costs to support teams across the NFL, like Super Bowl team the Patriots, for whom fans will have paid $3,078.75 on average to support this season, or the Falcons, at $1,897.28. The cost for a season was based on tickets for each game, one official shirt and a cap, parking, and as well as a soft drink, the obligatory beer, and a hot dog at every match The standout winners for affordability were the Jacksonville Jaguars at a very reasonable $1,776.75 for the entire season. But at the other end of the scale, being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys is liable to cost you $3,439.19 – making those who stick with them the most hardcore fans in the League.

Giant, Titan Bills

Much of the price difference comes down to ticket costs, though there was also the cost of parking at the stadiums to take into account, and there’s a marked difference in food, drink, and official caps across teams. The most expensive tickets were those for the Chicago Bears, at $131.90, and closely followed by the New England Patriots at $130.30, but the overall most expensive were as follows:

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $334.19 a game (with merchandise), and $3,439.19 a season – no surprise when Forbes says they’re the most valuable team in the NFL, at a team value of $4.2 billion.
  2. San Francisco 49ers - $331.50 a game, $3,302.00 a season puts 49er fans as the second most dedicated in the NFL.
  3. Chicago Bears - $330.15 a game, $3,293.40 a season, the Bears have had their name as long as the NFL has, so it’s no surprise that they’ve built up some hardcore fans in that time.

Reasonable Rates

As well as the whole season, the Jaguars were the cheapest on individual ticket prices, and had the second most affordable merchandise (at $15 a cap, second only to the Baltimore Ravens at $10 – the Washington Redskins caps cost $30!). The three least expensive teams were:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - $225.35 a game (with merchandise) and $1,776.75 a season; great value for one of the only six teams to have scored over 60 in a game (when they slammed the Dolphins in ’99)
  2. Cleveland Browns - $233.13 a game, $1,850.08 a season makes supporting the Browns not only a great team choice, but a good financial decision!
  3. Carolina Panthers - $234.03 a game, $1,864.63 a season; rivals to the Seattle Seahawks, Panthers fans can rest easy knowing they’re paying $640 less a season to watch their team come out on top.

Food and Drink

If you support the San Francisco 49ers, you might want to stick with soft drinks - they had the highest costs on beer, at a massive $10 for a small draft beer. But they’ve also won the Superbowl five times, so fans can’t really complain about getting value for money. And for hot dog lovers, consider being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, where you can get one for only $3. “It’s surprising the difference in costs between some of the teams,” said Joe Gardiner,’s Head of Brand & Communications, “The price doesn’t seem to be particularly reliant on wins – it seems some fans are just more prepared than others to pay that little bit extra to support their favourite team!” So whether you’re a Falcons fan or an Eagles enthusiast, a Saints supporter or a Dolphins devotee, make sure to check out the costs of being an NFL fan at


We chose a number of costs involved in attending an NFL game. These included food and drink, parking, the ticket to the game, a shirt, a cap, and a programme. The food and drink cost was an average of beer, soft drinks, and a hot dog, in order to allow for one of the three being purchased rather than all of them. For each cost, we assigned a number of times the item or service would be purchased across a season (for example, food would be purchased at each game, while clothing would be purchased once) and found the overall home season cost as a result.

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