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    Where are you on the UK Credit Map?

    Apr 1st 2015credit map uk Research reveals that Ilford is the only area of the country where you have a better than evens chance (51.6%) of being accepted for a…
  • Consumer News

    Struggling Kilmarnock is UK Credit Rejection Capital

    Mar 26th 2015Research reveals 65% of credit card applications in the largest town in East Ayrshire were declined last year. Kilmarnock has been crowned the credit…
  • Consumer News

    Over Half of Men in a Relationship Think They’d Be Richer Single

    Oct 17th 2014Survey reveals 52% of men believe they'd be financially healthier without a better half. They say that chivalry's dead, but a new survey by…
  • Consumer News

    45% of People in a Relationship Think They’d Be Better off Single

    Oct 7th 2014Survey reveals almost half of people with a partner believe they'd be wealthier alone. If you've ever told your other half that they're more trouble…
  • Consumer News

    Travellers Head to Costa Del Credit as They Burn £192 Million in Card Charges

    Apr 19th 2014Despite record low interest rates, the cost of withdrawing cash on credit cards is £21 million more today than in 2010 Plastic bill: 60% of consumers…
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    Credit Card Customers Incur £214 Million of Cash Withdrawal Charges

    Mar 14th 2014Despite record low interest rates, the cost of withdrawing cash on credit cards is £21 million more today than in 2010 Individual cost: One in five…
  • Consumer News

    Bank of Scotland’s New BT Card Offers the Lowest Fee, but Not the Biggest Savings

    Mar 13th 2014In response to the launch of the Bank of Scotland’s (BOS) new Platinum balance transfer credit card launch with a 0.70% fee, Will Becker, CEO of…
  • Consumer News

    Dumfries Crowned Credit Card Rejection Capital of the UK

    Feb 20th 2014Research reveals almost two thirds of credit card applications in this region were declined in the past 12 months National rejects: In the last 1…
  • Consumer News

    Barclaycard Release 31 Month Balance Transfer Card

    Feb 10th 2014Friday 7th February 2014: In response to the balance transfer credit card price war between Halifax and Barclaycard, Will Becker, CEO and co-founder…
  • Consumer News

    A Holiday To Tenerife Could Take Consumers Ten Years To Pay Off

    Feb 1st 2014With 11%[1] making minimum repayments on credit cards each month, this is the debt sentence travellers could face Holidays on credit: Consumers are…
  • Consumer News

    Credit Card Spending Set to Rise by 8% in 2014

    Jan 27th 2014As consumer confidence grows, research reveals UK credit card holders are set to rack up a bill of £86 billion Retail spend: With total retail spend[…
  • Consumer News

    13 million shoppers expected to hit the high street on Saturday 21st December

    Dec 19th 2013LONDON, December 19th, 2013. Research reveals a credit card extravaganza as 2.98 million of these consumers rack up a £300 million bill. The busiest…
  • Consumer News

    Meltdown on Friday 13th with Credit Card spend set to peak at £400 million

    Dec 12th 2013LONDON, December 12th, 2013. Consumers will have a ‘fan-plastic’ time as they are expected to carry out over nine million transactions worth £42. The…
  • Consumer News

    Cap on Payday loans costs is a step in the right direction, but how many more people will be fleeced while we wait for the ruling to be implemented?

    Nov 25th 2013LONDON, November 25th, 2013. In response to today’s announcement from the Government to introduce a new law to cap the cost of payday loans, Will…
  • Consumer News

    Lost credit card rewards total £323 million this Christmas

    Nov 6th 2013LONDON, November 6th, 2013. 15.7[1] million credit card holders lose out by not using cashback or reward cards for Christmas spending. 14.6 million…
  • Consumer News

    One in four credit card holders miss payments on balance transfer deals

    Oct 28th 2013LONDON, October 28th, 2013. 25%[1] of credit card holders miss payments on long term[2] balance transfer cards and could be forced to pay 18% APR As…
  • Consumer News

    Cash back cut back

    Oct 17th 2013LONDON, October 17th, 2013. American Express ‘Platinum Cashback Everyday’ credit card customers must spend over £4,250[1] a year or they won’t earn a…
  • Consumer News

    3.3 Million1 credit card customers trapped as applications are rejected

    Sep 25th 2013LONDON, September 25th, 2013 In the next month alone, these rejections could cost British consumers £1082 million in interest. Of those declined in…
  • Consumer News

    Exclusive Barclaycard Initial 0% on purchases offer

    Sep 5th 2012LONDON, September 5th, 2012. PERSONAL finance comparison site today announced that a new Barclaycard Initial card offer is now…

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