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    Brits more comfortable discussing sex than their savings

    Nov 4th 2015

    British people are more comfortable discussing so-called ‘taboo subjects’ than money, with people sa...

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    How much would these famous TV homes be worth today?

    Oct 25th 2015

    It’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw could never have afforded her NYC apartment on a Journalist’s sa...

  • Consumer News

    £856 million ($1.3 billion) is spent on Candy Crush every year, new analysis reveals

    Sep 30th 2015

    New analysis carried out by reveals how much money is spent on Candy Crush in-app p...

  • Consumer News

    Why Earning £6.50 an Hour Isn’t an Option in London

    Aug 29th 2015

    london maps Here is what you really need to earn to rent a 1-bed in each postcode. ...

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    Blackburn is the best place in the UK to make a living, new analysis reveals

    Aug 25th 2015

    New analysis by, reveals that Blackburn is the best place in the UK to make a livin...

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    UK’s top 10 high yield buy-to-let hotspots revealed

    Aug 10th 2015

    Sheffield steels itself for a ‘landlord goldrush’ as it tops the list of postcodes where buy-to-let ...

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    Watch out for the minimum payment trap

    Jun 23rd 2015

    New stats reveal more than 96% of Brits don’t understand credit card debt A new study by TotallyMone...

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    UK & Ireland Cost Obsessions Revealed

    May 27th 2015

    If ‘you are what you Google’, then what do popular search terms reveal about the UK and Ireland? Tot...

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    Leicester Is England's Help to Buy Hotspot

    Apr 24th 2015

    Interactive Map reveals Leicester is #1 Help to Buy Hotspot with 892 Mortgage Completions Capture Ne...

  • Consumer News

    What we really value, through the lenses of 50 photographers

    Apr 23rd 2015

    New photos from around the world reveal what people really value most In a time when many of us can’...

  • Consumer News

    Two Years Since Launch, 60% of England Postcodes Have Zero ‘Help to Buy’ Homes

    Apr 15th 2015

    Interactive Map reveals 1,261 out of 2,117 Postcode Districts in England have yet to see any ‘Help t...

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    Where are you on the UK Credit Map?

    Apr 1st 2015

    credit map uk Research reveals that Ilford is the only area of the country where you have a better t...

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    Struggling Kilmarnock is UK Credit Rejection Capital

    Mar 26th 2015

    Research reveals 65% of credit card applications in the largest town in East Ayrshire were declined ...

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    Over Half of Men in a Relationship Think They’d Be Richer Single

    Oct 17th 2014

    Survey reveals 52% of men believe they'd be financially healthier without a better half. They say th...

  • Consumer News

    45% of People in a Relationship Think They’d Be Better off Single

    Oct 7th 2014

    Survey reveals almost half of people with a partner believe they'd be wealthier alone. If you've eve...

  • Consumer News

    Travellers Head to Costa Del Credit as They Burn £192 Million in Card Charges

    Apr 19th 2014

    Despite record low interest rates, the cost of withdrawing cash on credit cards is £21 million more ...

  • Consumer News

    Credit Card Customers Incur £214 Million of Cash Withdrawal Charges

    Mar 14th 2014

    Despite record low interest rates, the cost of withdrawing cash on credit cards is £21 million more ...

  • Consumer News

    Bank of Scotland’s New BT Card Offers the Lowest Fee, but Not the Biggest Savings

    Mar 13th 2014

    In response to the launch of the Bank of Scotland’s (BOS) new Platinum balance transfer credit card ...

  • Consumer News

    Dumfries Crowned Credit Card Rejection Capital of the UK

    Feb 20th 2014

    Research reveals almost two thirds of credit card applications in this region were declined in the p...

  • Consumer News

    Barclaycard Release 31 Month Balance Transfer Card

    Feb 10th 2014

    Friday 7th February 2014: In response to the balance transfer credit card price war between Halifax ...

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