South East England Best UK Region to Make Living as Towns Take Five Top-10 Spots, With Crawley Number One

New research by TotallyMoney shows South East England to be the best place in the UK to earn a living.
The research considers median monthly take-home salary, average monthly mortgage repayment, cost of living, unemployment levels, and job growth to rank 59 locations in order, from best place to earn a living to worst.
South East England towns Crawley, Southampton, Reading, Oxford, and Slough take five spots in the top 10 — first, third, seventh, ninth, and tenth respectively.
The research shows that Crawley workers’ salaries are similar to London workers. However, mortgage repayments and living expenses are much lower in Crawley, contributing heavily to its top ranking.
East Midlands town Derby takes second position — the only East Midlands town to feature in the top 10.
South West England also fares well, with Gloucester and Swindon taking fifth and eighth place.
While London takes the top spot for take-home salary, more expensive house prices and a higher cost of living means it only ranks 39th among the locations overall.

Position Town
1 Crawley
2 Derby
3 Southampton
4 Edinburgh
5 Gloucester
6 Milton Keynes
7 Reading
8 Swindon
9 Oxford
10 Slough
11 Leeds
12 York
13 Bristol
14 Luton
15 Wakefield
16 Warrington
17 Burnley
18 Glasgow
19 Telford
20 Preston
21 Newport
22 Blackpool
23 Mansfield
24 Kingston upon Hull
25 Dundee
26 Portsmouth
27 Peterborough
28 Stoke
29 Bournemouth
30 Newcastle
31 Cardiff
32 Aldershot
33 Northampton
34 Sunderland
35 Ipswich

The worst place to make a living…
The east of England, on the other hand, surfaces as one of the worst places to earn a living in the UK, with three towns ranking in the bottom 10.
Norwich, Basildon, and Southend take positions 51, 55, and 59 respectively. All three towns have some of the lowest salaries, with high monthly mortgage costs doing little to balance this out.
TotallyMoney Head of Brand & Content, Joe Gardiner, said: “While many are drawn to bigger cities, such as London and Birmingham, in the hope of earning a decent living, our research shows they may not be the best overall option due to higher-than-average living costs.
“We hope our research will prompt people to consider a wider range of areas when thinking about changing careers or moving home.”

Position Town
36 Sheffield
37 Middlesbrough
38 London
39 Worthing
40 Chatham
41 Liverpool
42 Manchester
43 Coventry
44 Aberdeen
45 Birmingham
46 Nottingham
47 Bradford
48 Wigan
49 Cambridge
50 Norwich
51 Exeter
52 Leicester
53 Doncaster
54 Basildon
55 Huddersfield
56 Birkenhead
57 Brighton
58 Southend
59 Swansea

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