Best Credit Report Provider 2018 Launches Personalised Top Offers for Customers

TotallyMoney’s 250,000 customers now have access to individually tailored credit card and loan offers selected to match their Borrowing Power. The unique credit eligibility Borrowing Power algorithm helps customers unlock the best credit offers that are available to them.

TotallyMoney, named Best Credit Report Provider 2018 in the MoneyNet awards, unveils the intelligent ‘Latest Offers’ feature of their free credit report service.

Driven by the company’s unique Borrowing Power algorithm, Latest Offers are updated each time the customer logs in to provide the most up-to-date picture of their best credit options.

The Latest Offers, let the customer know the best products they could be accepted for – the longest 0% balance transfer offer, longest 0% purchase offer, or best rewards card for example.

And customers with a low Borrowing Power and limited options see details of carefully selected products designed to help them build a better credit history and strengthen their financial situation.

Smart Decisions

“Borrowing options are often complex and the choices presented confuse most consumers" says TotallyMoney's Chief Product Officer, Anna Kuriakose. "By blending extensive knowledge of the credit market with a deep understanding of consumer needs, we are making borrowing decisions easier for our customers. The new feature makes it easier for customers to find the best credit to meet their needs.”

Award-winning Credit Report Provider

The Latest Offers feature adds value to the free credit report, launched in September 2017, that has already attracted more than 250,000 customers. The service set new standards for credit reports and was recognised at the MoneyNet awards when TotallyMoney was named Best Credit Report Provider 2018.

Andrew Hagger, Chair of the MoneyNet Awards judging panel said: “TotallyMoney provides a vital service for consumers, offering them a regular update on their credit score and credit report – delivered directly to their inbox every month for free.

“As part of the service customers also receive a unique Borrowing Power report which pinpoints credit cards that they are eligible for and have a good chance of being accepted for without leaving a mark on their file.

“It's important that consumers are given the right tools to help them understand and improve their underlying financial situation and TotallyMoney delivers on both fronts.”

Market-changing Partnerships

The TotallyMoney credit card comparison platform with built-in eligibility pre-screening now powers the comparison tables.

About TotallyMoney

TotallyMoney is making credit better by putting customers in charge of their data and helping them make smart borrowing decisions.

It provides customers with a free credit report and live score that puts them right at the centre of their credit file information and helps them take control of their finances.

TotallyMoney’s unique Borrowing Power algorithm shows customers how likely they are to be offered credit by real-world lenders.

TotallyMoney is an independent credit broker, not a lender. It provides a free comparison service to customers, though they may be paid a fee by lenders. How much they get paid doesn't influence how the service works or the ranking of any credit products presented to customers.

TotallyMoney Best Credit Report

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About TotallyMoney

  • Free credit report providers and credit experts, TotallyMoney, are on a mission to improve the UK’s credit score and help people move on up to a better future.
  • TotallyMoney launched its free credit report in late 2017, and today has 3 million customers.
  • TotallyMoney is the highest rated free credit report provider on Trustpilot. They are also 2018, 2019 and 2020 winners of Best Free Credit Report Provider at Moneynet’s Personal Finance Awards, showing recognition from both its customers, as well as within the wider industry.
  • TotallyMoney is backed by Elliott Advisors (UK) and Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), following a £29 million investment announced in January 2019.
  • TotallyMoney is also a Sunday Times Best Company as well as a UK’s Best Workplace 2019.