New research reveals best cities for millennials to live and sees Scotland take two spots in top three


New research by credit experts TotallyMoney reveals the best cities for millennials to live in and sees Scotland take two spots in the top three, with three Yorkshire cities ranking in the bottom five.

The Free Credit Report company looked at 16 elements that are widely considered to be important to millennials and used them to rank 63 cities across the UK.

These elements include work factors, such as overtime hours, paid overtime, average weekly earnings, number of business start-ups, graduate hires, employment rates, and the number of young people on benefits; property factors, such as the cost of a one-bedroom property to rent as well as to buy; cost-of-living factors, such as the cost of a cappuccino, gym membership, and meal for two; and lifestyle factors, such as number of things to do, the population aged 0–17 and 18–29, and the percentage of Brexit remain voters.

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Taking the top three

Soaring to first place is Scotland’s Glasgow, owing to decent weekly wages, innumerable entertainment hotspots, and house prices well below the national average — thought to be a huge contributor to its top performance. One-bedroom properties here cost on average £90,466.

Despite its reputation for eye-wateringly high living costs and house prices way above the national average, London still performs well at second place. The capital isn’t shy of things for millennials to do, but also boasts the highest weekly earnings at £727 per week — as well as the highest number of graduate hires — across the whole UK.

In third place is Aberdeen, which sees Scotland take two positions in the top three. Its employment rates are the same as London’s, has higher-than-average weekly earnings, and average property prices of just £84,584.


Missing the millennial must-haves

Basildon in Essex takes the bottom spot, owing to a paltry 2% of graduates finding work here, as well as extra-curricular activities paling in comparison to the rest of the UK. Basildon also delivered the second-lowest Brexit Remain figures.

Yorkshire cities Doncaster (62nd), Wakefield (60th), and Huddersfield (59th) also performed badly. While one-bedroom property costs are low, so are wages, with graduate hires comprising just 6% across all three cities.


Spotting the hotspots

Based on the research, TotallyMoney has created an interactive tool to help millennials spot the cities that offer them the most opportunities and more bang for their buck, so they can identify the best places they might consider calling home.

TotallyMoney Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Mark Moloney, said: “There are some things millennials have had to adjust to that haven’t been experienced by past generations, and with this comes an entirely different set of priorities.

“The internet, rising house prices, stagnant wages, and Brexit are just some of the hurdles this generation have to get over. But, that’s where our map could help, as it makes it much easier for millennials to find the places where those hurdles might be easier to jump.

“Of course, the rankings should be taken with a small pinch of salt, as some factors will be more important to some than others. Nevertheless, if there’s a particular area young people have on the brain, our map certainly makes it easier for them to consider elements they might not have thought about before.

“As always, a good place to start for anyone thinking of improving their financial health or buying a home is with their Free Credit Report, to make sure there’s nothing that’ll hold them back.”



To create this piece we compiled data from the following sources: Work and Employment Data – Business Start-ups 2016/ per 10,000 population (Centre for Cities), overtime hours worked and paid/ unpaid overtime (TotallyMoney Overtime Survey/ OnePoll), Employment Rate and Youth Claimant Count (Centre for Cities), Graduate Hires (Target Jobs), Average Weekly Workplace Earnings (Centre for Cities).

Ranking calculations were made as follows:

  • Cost of Living Data – Cost of gym membership, a cappuccino and meal for two (Numbeo)
  • Lifestyle Data – Leave vs Remain Voters (BBC politics), Things to do (TripAdvidsor), Population Aged 18-29 (Centre for Cities)
  • Indexed expenses rank
  • Property Data – Rent pcm and House Prices (Zoopla)
  • Indexed business closures rank


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