£856 million ($1.3 billion) is spent on Candy Crush every year, new analysis reveals

New analysis carried out by TotallyMoney.com reveals how much money is spent on Candy Crush in-app purchases every year, how much time people spend playing Candy Crush every year and how King.com, the company behind this addictive game, compares with others in the smartphone gaming business:

  • Every day, 93 million people play Candy Crush
  • £856 million ($1.3 billion) is spent on Candy Crush every year
  • Every hour, people spend the equivalent of 128 years playing Candy Crush

In addition, $72.93 (£48) is spent every second on in-app purchases within the total of 11 games owned by King.com, the interactive entertainment company behind Candy Crush. That’s more than double the amount of money spent on in-app purchases every second within games owned by Supercell (owner of Clash of Clans and 2 other games) and Rovio (owner of 18 games, 15 of which are Angry Birds branded) combined.

Candy Crush is available to download free of charge but in-app purchases within the game include extra lives, extra moves, and boosters to smash candy. These in-app purchases range in price from 79p ($1.20) to  £3.99 ($6.04).

TotallyMoney.com have visualised the results of their analysis in a new piece of interactive content https://www.totallymoney.com/candy-crushing-it/ which allows users to discover how much time and money is spent on Candy Crush every year, and also reveals the amount players have spent on the game since the viewer landed on the visualisation.


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About the analysis

To create this piece, data was collated from the following sources:

Candy Crush Saga daily players and played games

Game revenue figures taken from the 2014 fiscal year:




Time spent playing Candy Crush is calculated on the assumption that each game takes an average of two minutes to play.

A breakdown of the analysis can be found below:

Company revenue comparisons

Company 2014 revenue Source
Facebook $12.5bn source
King $2.3bn source
LinkedIn $2.2bn source
Twitter $1.3bn source

Pricing: in-app purchases

Game Company Pricing
Clash of Clans Supercell £3.99 – £79.99
Candy Crush Soda Saga King £0.79 – £29.99
Candy Crush Saga King £0.69 – £54.99
Boom Beach Supercell £3.99 – £79.99
Farm Heroes Saga King £0.79 – £79.99
Hay Day Supercell £0.79 – £79.99
Pet rescue Saga King £0.66 – £64.99
Angry Birds 2 Rovio Entertainment Ltd. £0.79 – £79.99
Proportion of King’s revenue from Candy Candy in-app purchases [source]
Period Gross Bookings Candy Crush % Candy Crush Gross Bookings
Q4 $586,300,000.00 45.00% $263,835,000.00
Q3 $543,900,000.00 51.00% $277,389,000.00
Q2 $611,100,000.00 59.00% $360,549,000.00
Q1 $641,100,000.00 67.00% $429,537,000.00
Total $2,382,400,000.00 55.50% $1,331,310,000.00

Amount spent on Candy Crush in-app purchases

Candy Crush Amount spent Gold bars
per year $1,331,310,000.00 13,447,575,758
per day $3,647,424.66 36,842,673
per hour $151,976.03 1,535,111
per minute $2,532.93 25,585
per second $42.22 426

Company revenue – general

per year $2,300,000,000.00
per day $6,301,369.86
per hour $262,557.08
per minute $4,375.95
per second $72.93
per year $1,800,000,000.00
per day $4,931,506.85
per hour $205,479.45
per minute $3,424.66
per second $57.08
per year $122,400,000.00
per day $335,342.47
per hour $13,972.60
per minute $232.88
per second $3.88


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