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Our commitment to gender diversity

At TotallyMoney we value diversity – of people and ideas – and we are totally committed to making our workplace inclusive.

We actively promote greater gender diversity at every level of the business, which is why we’ve signed the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. A balanced workforce is good for business – it is good for our customers and it’s good for the TotallyMoney workplace culture.

It has a positive impact the way we make decisions, tackle and solve problems, foster creativity and innovation, and connect and communicate with our customers and each other.

The Women in Finance Charter is an important step towards improved gender diversity in businesses across the financial sector. By signing it we commit to the following:

  • We will increase the proportion of women on the senior management team from 28% to 40% by 2021.
  • We will implement a levels structure and ensure that 40% of level 2 managers (currently all those with direct reports) are women by 2021.
  • Senior executive pay is linked to the delivery of this target, and takes effect from the payment of the 2021 bonus, in January 2022.

Signing the Women in Finance Charter is just one of the initiatives that TotallyMoney is implementing in 2018 and beyond. Other ways in which we are working to increase gender diversity and equality include:

  • We always request a 50/50 male/female split of CVs from recruiters for all positions.
  • All hiring managers receive coaching on diversity and equality.
  • We use gender-specific recruitment platforms: e.g. Ada’s List, CodeFirst: Girls etc.
  • We are committed to improving flexible working provision, to avoid the motherhood penalty.
  • We will attend at least three gender-focussed events a year and take part in additional initiatives e.g. TechSheCan.