Diversity and inclusion

Creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and confident lets us do right by our employees — so we can do right by our customers.


How do we do this?

We train interviewers on diversity, inherent bias, and the effect of stereotypes.

Where possible, we remove anything from job descriptions that might impede diversity, such as mandatory degrees.

We actively try to attract talent of all ages by using specialist recruiters, such as Capability Jane, who specialise in mothers returning to work, and Give A Grad A Go.

We run job descriptions through an algorithm to identify gendered language.

We provide flexible working to help employees with dependents.

The Women in Finance Charter

The Women in Finance Charter is an important step towards improved gender diversity in businesses across the financial sector. By signing it, we’ve set ourselves the following targets:

  • We will increase the proportion of women on the senior management team from 28% to 40% by 2021.

  • We will implement a levels structure and ensure that 40% of level 2 managers (currently all those with direct reports) are women by 2021.

  • Senior executive pay is linked to the delivery of this target, and takes effect from the payment of the 2021 bonus, in January 2022.

Annual update: 2019

In September 2018, we had 21 female staff working at TotallyMoney. As of October 2019, we have 27. Women comprise 35.5% of the total workforce — the same as it was in 2018. The percentage of women on the senior management team is also the same at 28%.

While statistically our position has not changed since September 2018, we believe the results are very encouraging. At a time of significant growth for us, we’re proud that our commitment to and success in attracting women to TotallyMoney has not waned, and we’re confident we’re on track and heading in the right direction to reach our targets before 2021.

Some of the ways we’re working to increase gender diversity and equality include requesting an even split of CVs across all genders from recruiters, using gender-specific recruitment platforms such as Ada’s List and CodeFirst: Girls, and attending at least three gender-focused events a year.

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