Three million customers in less than three years

Yesterday, TotallyMoney welcomed their three millionth customer. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we reached the quarter of a million milestone, and to now be helping twelve times as many customers improve their credit scores and move on up to a better future is a landmark worth celebrating.

Since then, we have more than doubled the number of people working here, have been awarded Best Credit Report Provider three years in a row, become the nation’s highest rated free credit report on Trustpilot, and baked our mission — to improve the UK’s credit score — into the the heart of TotallyMoney’s culture. These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team, and their commitment to making our mission a reality.

However, hitting the three million milestone is only the beginning of a long journey to improve the UK’s financial footing. Just last week, we launched our next-generation energy-switching service exclusively to our three million customers — another financial string to our bow. Each time a customer logs in, they see their energy profile, which works quietly in the background to scour the market for the best energy deals, and tells customers their best money-saving answer.

It’s now easier than ever to switch energy suppliers and put an end to paying more than you need to for everyday essentials. This all feeds into our promise to make our customers’ data work for them, not just for the people processing it: banks and lenders, credit bureaus, and now utility companies.

But that’s not all: we’ll be launching even more features in 2020 to give our customers even more confidence that we’re the go-to financial essentials platform for the answers they’re looking for. Until then, we’ll clink a few glasses and pay tribute to this major milestone.