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  • Innovation

    Get on the electoral roll and make your voice heard

    By Joe Gardiner

    Apr 13th 2016
    One in six Londoners risks not having a voice in the upcoming mayoral elections. With just five days until the 18 April deadline for voter…
  • Insight

    Match Factor: Smarter Credit Comparison

    By Alastair Douglas

    Apr 7th 2016
    I'm excited to be able to announce a first for the credit industry: intelligent search results ranking for credit products. Match…
  • Work/Life

    Why we want to End Duchenne in Ten

    By TotallyMoney

    Apr 1st 2016
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a devastating disease; it's the most common fatal genetic disease diagnosed in childhood, it's 100% fatal and there is…
  • Innovation

    Coffee shop UX - a cup of feedback to go

    By Benny Zuffolini

    Mar 17th 2016
    So, guerrilla user testing. Sure, we've all heard people say: “Just go to Starbucks and offer people coffee in exchange for testing your app”, but to…
  • Tech

    Cleaning up Docker images on Jenkins build machines

    By James Waples

    Mar 10th 2016
    We use Jenkins to build production-ready Docker images here at TotallyMoney. The setup works really well, but we encounter regular problems with high…
  • Innovation

    And the award goes to...

    By Joe Gardiner

    Mar 3rd 2016
    With the winners and losers at the Oscars and BAFTAs dominating discussions on the Creative desk this week, the conversation quickly turned to the…
  • Insight

    Google pulls the plug on comparison

    By Alastair Douglas

    Feb 24th 2016
    Google has started to wind down its financial products comparison service less than one year after it was launched in the US. It will be shut down…
  • Work/Life's mission and vision for the future

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Feb 18th 2016
    As a company grows and evolves, it’s important for everyone to hold true to the core beliefs and objectives for the business. This morning…
  • Insight

    Five forces that will shape the credit card market

    By Tom Cross

    Feb 10th 2016
    In 2015, we saw significant changes in the credit card market with new providers and brands entering the market and continuing product innovation…
  • Marketing

    Why Facebook ads are what online banners always wanted to be

    By TotallyMoney

    Feb 3rd 2016
    Online banner advertising (aka standard display, display advertising) is 22 years old this year[1]. Over £2BN was spent on this channel in 2015[…
  • Innovation

    A year in content

    By TotallyMoney

    Feb 2nd 2016
    If you work in Content, chances are that you’ve had to create a content calendar to help you come up with on-brand topical projects or make sure that…
  • Insight

    Closing the perception gap

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Jan 28th 2016
    As part of our ongoing efforts to understand consumer needs and make the world of credit a fairer place, we conducted a survey that found only one per…
  • Tech

    Birth of an App

    By Willem van der Merwe

    Jan 19th 2016
    Here's a visualisation of the evolution of the loans comparison platform. The video shows the creation of files and changes made to…
  • Innovation

    How to Get Your Writing Read, Shared and Appreciated

    By Bianca Bass

    Jan 13th 2016
    Picture the scene. It’s 11pm on an idle Tuesday and I decide to post a spontaneous piece on Medium. “I’ll probably delete it in the morning,” I say to…
  • Innovation

    Turn On, Tune In and Listen on Demand

    By Joe Gardiner

    Jan 7th 2016
    I want to listen to more new music, break out of old patterns, discover new bands and get excited about them. So, as I did last year, I'm only…
  • Insight

    Three things that will change the credit market in 2016

    By Philip Balbirnie

    Jan 5th 2016
    One: Increased used of free credit report services Noddle and ClearScore are offering a great free consumer proposition. Why would a customer pay for…
  • Tech

    Carry on up the Amazon

    By Mark Durrand

    Nov 18th 2015
    If I’m honest, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Summit in London was a little bit of a sales conference, with Andy Jassy, the Senior VP for…
  • Work/Life

    Hack to the Future

    By Henry Keegan

    Nov 12th 2015
    Last Thursday, held a company-wide hack day, producing some great results while having fun along the way! We wanted to take a break…
  • Marketing

    Build, Measure, Earn

    By Nathan Levi

    Nov 3rd 2015
    Anyone who has read Eric Ries’ seminal work, The Lean Start-Up, will be fully accustomed with his Build-Measure-Learn (BML) methodology. The broad…
  • Work/Life

    The day became cool

    By Margo Milutinovic

    Nov 3rd 2015
    TM_Tshirt_JG I’ll admit it. When Joe, our Head of Brand and Communications, asked me to commission my brother Luka for a piece of graffiti art to be…

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