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  • Tech

    Building a Data-Driven Culture

    By Jack Mitchell

    Mar 20th 2018

    Data-driven decision making: the reality Data enables us to take risks out of decisions by confirmin...

  • Insight

    We've made improvements. Now you can, too.

    By Nathan Levi

    Mar 12th 2018

    As part of our mission to make credit better, we want to give our customers all the tools they need ...

  • Work/Life

    International Women’s Day: 3 Reasons to Celebrate at TotallyMoney

    By Felicity Winkley

    Mar 7th 2018

    The approach to International Women’s Day always seems to be met with a mixed bag of emotions: from ...

  • Work/Life

    10 Years of Henry (Tenry?)

    By Martin Clarke

    Mar 2nd 2018

    It’s no mean feat for someone to serve one company for 10 years. That’s about one fifth of someone’s...

  • Work/Life

    The most valued thing we can give someone is our time

    By Eleanor Yates

    Feb 15th 2018

    Time — as well as money — is one of the things we most often say we need more of. This I understand ...

  • Tech

    Don’t Looker back in anger

    By Alasdair Fowler

    Feb 13th 2018

    Towards the end of 2017, the Marketing Team heard rumours of a new data analytics platform to replac...

  • Insight

    Fresh thinking for customer success

    By Charlotte Magnall

    Feb 8th 2018

    In an economy where credit products are so readily available, it’s surprising how little we know abo...

  • Tech

    Creating a personalised offers page for customers

    By Antonio Tella

    Jan 31st 2018

    In 2017, TotallyMoney created Borrowing Power to help customers understand how likely they are to ge...

  • Insight

    No piece of cake getting a slice of the action

    By Nathan Levi

    Jan 29th 2018

    On Sunday, TotallyMoney’s 250,000th customer joined our service to get access to their free-forever ...

  • Insight

    Are we in Post-Peak Balance Transfer?

    By Qin Su

    Jan 17th 2018

    The length of interest-free balance transfers is falling. In September, the longest interest free pe...

  • Work/Life

    We’re the Best Credit Report Provider 2018. Official.

    By Martin Clarke

    Jan 12th 2018

    We’re pleased to announce we’ve won the Best Credit Report Provider at the 2018 Moneynet Personal Fi...

  • Insight

    Looker to the future of business intelligence

    By Damian Winter

    Jan 3rd 2018

    At a recent Data Disruptors Meetup, Looker CEO Frank Bien delivered an opening presentation about ho...

  • Work/Life

    Bumper Christmas Jumper Charity Fundraising Drive

    By Joe Gardiner

    Dec 22nd 2017

    With the official Christmas Jumper Day falling on 15 December this year, the day after our office Ch...

  • Marketing

    Attention is media's true currency. And now there's less to go round.

    By Nathan Levi

    Dec 11th 2017

    For many years I've questioned the true value of online media advertising. I've failed to believe in...

  • Tech

    The Polyglot Pipeline

    By Nick Blair

    Nov 30th 2017

    The two prevailing languages at TotallyMoney are JavaScript and C# (.net). A typical product of ours...

  • Marketing

    Addressing the discontent in content marketing

    By Nathan Levi

    Nov 22nd 2017

    Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Kaizen’s Fintech breakfast seminar on the subject of co...

  • Work/Life

    The Hottest Game in Town

    By Adam Lancaster

    Nov 15th 2017

    “I’ve got wood and I need a sheep” are not the words you usually hear in an office in Central London...

  • Tech

    Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’?

    By Adria Luz

    Nov 8th 2017

    At TotallyMoney, we face a set of challenges that I am certain are not unique to our company. Data i...

  • Insight

    Do customers really think in terms of cards or loans?

    By Tom Platt

    Nov 2nd 2017

    Visit any price comparison website and you will quickly be funnelled into a comparison of either cre...

  • Tech

    How We Built a Free Credit Report

    By Mark Durrand

    Oct 25th 2017

    We recently launched our new free credit report on TotallyMoney and we had to do it in a fairly shor...

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