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  • Tech

    The Building Behind Building a Fairer Consumer Credit Market

    By Bella Taylor

    Oct 11th 2017
    TotallyMoney’s mission has always been to help customers get a better deal from the credit industry and to build a fairer credit market for consumers…
  • Insight

    Do Customers Really Think in Terms of Card or Loans?

    By Tom Platt

    Oct 8th 2017
    Visit any price comparison website, and you are quickly funnelled into a comparison of either credit cards or loans. They are treated entirely…
  • Work/Life

    Celebrating TotallyMoney’s Free Credit Score and Report

    By Felicity Winkley

    Sep 29th 2017
    We took over a gallery in Fitzrovia to celebrate the launch of our Free Credit Score and Report service. The event was intended to be two things: an…
  • Insight

    Shining a Light into the Black Box of Credit Reference Agencies

    By Charlie Gordon

    Sep 8th 2017
    Back in the day (as recently as 30 years ago) how would a lender know whether to give someone money or not? From the borrower’s point of view, how…
  • Marketing

    Making an Amazing TV Ad

    By Ben Reeves

    Aug 21st 2017
    The first and arguably most important part of making a good TV advert is to ensure you get the brief right. Be clear about what you want to achieve…
  • Marketing

    The Day I Scored at Work

    By Nathan Levi

    Aug 14th 2017
    Last week we unleashed our free credit score and report on the world (apologies for the brazen and shameless link bait). This is a new and very…
  • Insight

    The Million-Pound Question: Could our Product Help Everyone? 

    By Anna Kuriakose

    Aug 7th 2017
    When I started at TotallyMoney three months ago, I was excited to be working again on products with a mass-market appeal. Some of my most enjoyable…
  • Insight

    Customers Can Now Track Their Credit Score Totally Live

    By Alastair Douglas

    Jul 25th 2017
    Today, the launch of our live credit score and credit report service has put more power into the hands of our customers. A TotallyMoney account can…
  • Tech

    Elm at the helm: Working with a new programming language

    By Alex Owusu-Ansah

    May 31st 2017
    At we are using Elm to create an internal administration tool. Elm, being a functional programming language, was quite different from…
  • Work/Life

    Welcome to the jungle... visits Go Ape

    By Oliver Wheaton

    May 25th 2017
    IMG_20170511_182947 If there’s one thing that binds an office together, it’s experiencing a collective adrenaline rush. That’s why we decided to visit…
  • Insight

    2017 Credit Awards: How our customer contact innovation won us a gong

    By TotallyMoney

    May 19th 2017 recently won the Innovation in Customer Contact award at the 2017 Credit Awards. It always feels good to be recognised for your work…
  • Insight

    How technology is driving a fairer consumer credit market

    By Alastair Douglas

    Apr 24th 2017
    Consumer credit has been in a sorry state for too long. The market is opaque, often unfair, and slanted too heavily in lenders’ favour. It’s time for…
  • Insight

    Contact. Less is More

    By Alastair Douglas

    Mar 29th 2017
    Contactless payments are booming. According to a survey from the UK Cards Association, contactless transactions accounted for £25 billion in spending…
  • Innovation

    Bringing creativity back - Type Tasting

    By Alicia Boniface

    Mar 24th 2017
    As an office grows in size the designers often slowly grow apart and often find themselves working alone on projects which evolve and grow over time…
  • Work/Life

    It’s an Aard Knock Life

    By Felicity Winkley

    Mar 9th 2017 recently celebrated hitting a major target in 2016 with a special afternoon workshop hosted by the creators of Wallace and Gromit…
  • Marketing

    Why you should think outside your own country when looking for coverage

    By TotallyMoney

    Mar 2nd 2017
    As a British-based business, we inevitably chase British publications when trying to get to our content. However, a few months ago we noticed one…
  • Work/Life

    Match report: TotallyMoney vs ClearScore

    By James Croft

    Feb 24th 2017
    The team after their incredible comeback. On Thursday night claimed a hard-fought 10-7 victory over ClearScore, in…
  • Tech

    Front end stylist - the new position every company should hire for

    By Benny Zuffolini

    Feb 10th 2017
    I was lucky to start my career at the right time, in the late 2000s. Back then a designer would typically draw something and the developer would pick…
  • Insight

    A View on TV Marketing in 2017

    By Ben Reeves

    Feb 7th 2017
    My thoughts on TV marketing and its current state come from a direct response viewpoint so I’m sure some brand campaign managers might disagree. These…
  • Insight

    Are you aware of Section 75? It just saved a commuter £2,400 on his credit card

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Jan 26th 2017
    It’s a thought everyone who takes public transport has entertained: ‘Why am I paying so much when my train/bus is late all the time?’ One commuter…

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