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  • Marketing

    6 questions with the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition judges – Part 4: Alex Godfrey

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Oct 25th 2016
    The final part in our series of questions with the judges of the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition - journalist and screenwriter Alex…
  • Marketing

    6 questions with the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition judges - Part 3: Vanesa Iglesias

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Oct 25th 2016
    Once again we have been speaking to one of the judges of the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition. Here Vanesa Iglesias - an agency partner…
  • Marketing

    6 questions with the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition judges - Part 2: Dan Andrew

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Oct 24th 2016
    We are asking filmmakers of all levels to submit 60-second films that immediately grab the attention of the viewer in our Thumb-Stopping Moments short…
  • Marketing

    6 questions with the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition judges - Part 1: Alastair Douglas

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Oct 19th 2016
    We recently launched the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition, in which we are asking filmmakers of all levels to submit their 60-second…
  • Insight

    Generate London 2016 Part 3: Data visualisation and processing

    By Andrew Harvey

    Oct 14th 2016
    The Generate Design Conference recently came to London with Brendan Dawes not only speaking but also running a workshop - the subject being data…
  • Insight

    Generate London 2016 Part 2: Creative culture

    By Benny Zuffolini

    Oct 13th 2016
    The surprising but welcome finale to the Generate London 2016 conference was Jeff Veen’s talk Crafting a Creative Culture. In the FinTech industry the…
  • Innovation

    Generate London 2016 Part 1: The future of web design

    By Alicia Boniface

    Oct 5th 2016
    Three designers from recently attended the Generate London 2016 conference. This is the first in a three-part series of blog posts…
  • Marketing

    Thumb-Stopping Moments: Why a credit comparison site decided to launch a film competition

    By Oliver Wheaton

    Sep 28th 2016
    In the age of social media the user’s attention has become a difficult prize to win. The average person scrolling through their Facebook feed for 3…
  • Work/Life

    Cycle to work day: Why you should be hopping on the cycle to work scheme

    By James McCaffrey

    Sep 13th 2016
    Wednesday 14 September 2016 is the day to follow Norman Tebbit’s (misquoted) advice and “get on your bike”. One of the most cost effective ways to…
  • Marketing

    Creative marketing makes awards' shortlists

    By Joe Gardiner

    Aug 25th 2016
    It's awards season and is mixing it with some major league players in shortlists for the DADIs and the Masters of Marketing. Our…
  • Insight

    Credit card holders to get 'time to find a new deal' alerts

    By Alastair Douglas

    Aug 4th 2016
    Last week, the FCA published their Credit Card Market Final Findings and announced the introduction of measures designed to protect consumers. The…
  • Innovation

    A Tale of Two Circles: Mastercard re-designs for the best of times.

    By Mike Thomas

    Jul 27th 2016
    Mastercard recently launched a new logo, and for any brand as ubiquitous as theirs it's an event that will always carry an element of risk. Despite…
  • Work/Life

    Will you start the fans, please!

    By TotallyMoney

    Jul 22nd 2016
    We've given the meeting rooms here at a lick of paint. Following a Crystal Maze theme, each room is modelled on one of the hit '90s…
  • Tech

    Sittin' On the Docker of the API

    By Steve Westwood

    Jul 8th 2016
    Continuing the theme of Microsoft’s recent endeavours to move their entire development stack towards a platform agnostic, more Open Source world, I…
  • Insight

    Jung at heart - what's your personality colour?

    By Marcus Ferguson Jones

    Jun 3rd 2016
    Are you a Fiery Red? A Sunshine Yellow? An Earth Green? Perhaps you are a Cool Blue? An excellent training session that some of us at…
  • Insight

    Customer complaints about credit cards continue to fall

    By Joe Gardiner

    May 26th 2016
    The number of complaints received by the financial ombudsman service about credit cards has fallen for the third consecutive year. The ombudsman’s…
  • Insight

    Why we agree with Google's move to ban payday lenders

    By Henry Keegan

    May 13th 2016
    On Wednesday, Google announced that, from 13 July 2016, it will no longer allow ads for payday loans, which it defines as any loan where the repayment…
  • Tech

    (Some) rules of software development that might apply in the rest of your life

    By Nick Blair

    May 12th 2016
    Many of these rules relate to software development, but can be applied more broadly and produce some interesting learnings for business. Occam's Razor…
  • Tech

    Rust: What you need to know about this new systems programming language

    By James Waples

    May 5th 2016
    Rust is a systems programming language designed to be safe and fast, both very useful things when writing a production web service. I needed to parse…
  • Marketing

    Is Programmatic TV Bad News For Advertisers?

    By Nathan Levi

    Apr 20th 2016
    There has been a fair amount of buzz about the advent of programmatic TV (PT) recently. Simply speaking, PT will enable advertisers to target TV ads…
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