A million customers and counting

It’s not everyday a business gets to celebrate such a huge milestone. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to say we’ve now helped over a million customers make smarter borrowing decisions. Are there many businesses that achieve such speedy growth with so little noise? I don’t think so.

That’s because we’ve bothered less with getting headlines and bothered more on building the best product. We’ve connected with people in the UK: those who want to make a difference to their finances, both now and in the future. How have we done this? By rolling out features in the past year that have focused on making your credit score and report easy to understand.

We’ve also been working hard with lenders to improve the success of our customers’ credit applications. This is the kind of customer focus I’m talking about, which has helped us become the highest rated free credit report service on Trustpilot. And there’s more to come. In 2019, we have even more features launching that will transform the way people understand, improve, and access credit.

Thank you to all our customers and our partners for helping us achieve this milestone. Here’s to the next million!