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    Fintech for Everyone — highlight...

Fintech for Everyone — highlights from our best event yet

By Alastair Douglas, CEO

Oct 20th 2021

Last Wednesday we hosted our biggest and best annual event yet — Fintech for Everyone. I want to thank all our guests for joining us and making the night such a runaway success.

And if you couldn’t make it — don’t worry, here’s a quick recap of everything you missed (apart from the food and drink).

We want to build a credit market that works for everyone

What’s that title about? Fintech for Everyone.

For us, it’s a statement of intent. It’s why everyone at TotallyMoney gets up and comes to the office/opens their laptop in the morning.

Because here’s how we see it: the credit market was built to keep data in the hands of companies, not the people it belongs to.

That means people are often kept in the dark about what’s holding them back and how to move forward.

And far too often, it’s the people least supported, or cushioned, who suffer the most. I’m talking about the people with the most pressing financial needs. And when these people have trouble accessing credit, it usually means they’re left stranded — forced to use high-cost, short-term borrowing to make ends meet. 

We don’t think this is fair. We think people’s financial data should work for them, not against them.

And we don’t think a credit market that works for customers and a credit market that works for lenders need to be mutually exclusive.

By helping people move forwards, we can build trust, meaning they’ll return over and over again to use our services and products to achieve their goals. In other words, everybody wins.

That’s what we mean by Fintech for Everyone.


The TotallyMoney app is getting even better

To help us move towards that vision, we announced two market-leading features we’re bringing to the TotallyMoney app: Dynamic Actions and Live Alerts.

Dynamic Actions gives each customer a personalised set of recommendations for improving their eligibility for credit. That way, they’ll always know exactly how to move forward towards their goals.

And with Live Alerts, we’re now able to notify customers whenever something changes that needs their attention.

So when someone takes out a credit application in your name, or a company runs a search on your profile: we’ll tell you about it.

We think these two features combined will offer people more personalisation and transparency than any other credit app out there. We’ll be rolling them out over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled.

We’re launching new initiatives for our lenders

Next, Qin Su took to the stage to talk about our Partner GOALs Programme — a series of initiatives we’ve put together to help our lenders deliver even better customer experiences.

The programme focuses on three areas: grow, optimise and learn.

It’s all about helping our lenders reach new customers and provide them with the most suitable products at the right time. 

We even announced an exclusive co-marketing opportunity for our lenders in 2022 — with the chance to feature in our new TV ads. So watch this space!

Open Banking is coming to TotallyMoney in 2022

The evening’s presentations wrapped up with a conversation between Gabrielle Glesson, Strategic Operations Director at TotallyMoney — and George Dunning, Co-founder and COO at Bud.

It was an insightful chat which focussed on what Open Banking can bring to the table over the next few years. 

We also announced that TotallyMoney will be integrating Open Banking data in 2022, to help our lenders deliver even better experiences and provide even more transparency to customers.

Still no food or drink, sorry

With the presentations finished, we headed back downstairs for some excellent food and an open bar. Naturally, things get a little hazy from there on out.

Don’t worry if you weren’t there though, we’ll have lots more events for you to join, so keep an eye out for future invitations!

And make sure you follow us on social media for more recaps from last week — including a closer look at the features we announced and the initiatives we launched for our lenders.

We're building a credit app that helps everyone move their finances forward

We're on a mission to help everyone move their finances forward and gain financial momentum.

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