TotallyMoney remain champions at the Credit & Collections Technology Awards 2019

Wow, another big win for TotallyMoney in 2019.

The past year has been our biggest and busiest yet. We’ve moved office, completely rebranded, and massively increased our staff and customer numbers.

In 2018, TotallyMoney was awarded Best Credit Reference & Information Solution at the Credit & Collections Technology Awards. So, we were thrilled to be nominated once more in 2019.

Four of us set off to Newcastle for a night of dinner, wine and light comedy from none other than Shaun Williamson — that’s right, Barry from EastEnders!

Our category — Best Credit Reference & Information Solution — was one of the first up. And of course, we won (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it).

The award commemorates our credit report analysis, which delves deeper than ever before into our customer’s credit history to provide them with a truly personalised experience.

Launched in January 2019, TotallyMoney’s credit report analysis takes six years of a customer’s credit data, interprets this information, and presents it to them in a concise, informative, and meaningful report.

The feature addresses the three main factors that impact a credit score: missed payments, credit utilisation, and credit account activity. Customers are shown the relative importance of each factor, with personalised commentary and detailed and coherent explanations as to how and why each factor affects their credit score.

Credit report analysis shows customers how their past choices affect their score today, and provides recommendations on how to improve. There’s nothing else like it on the market, especially for free.

As a result of TotallyMoney’s innovative credit report analysis, 87% of customers better understand their credit score, and 97% would recommend us to improve theirs.

TotallyMoney also remains the highest-rated free credit report provider on Trustpilot and, as two-time winners of Best Credit Reference & Information Solution, it’s great to know our service is well recognised within our industry, as well as by our customers.