The Hat-Trick: TotallyMoney Takes Home Best Credit Report Provider Three Years Running

After an impressive 2019, TotallyMoney is delighted to start the new year as the winners — for the third year in a row — of Best Credit Report Provider at the Moneynet Personal Finance Awards.

The judging panel were again impressed by the all-round solution TotallyMoney provides to its customers. The suite of innovative tools and analytic features that help our customers better understand their data, make smarter borrowing decisions, and move on up to a better financial future has put us into pole position for the third time.

TotallyMoney is on a mission to improve the UK’s credit score, and our credit report sits at the heart of that goal. In the past year, we continued to make a series of improvements to our product, as part of this mission.

Three’s A Crown

It was big year for TotallyMoney in 2019, but what really stands out for me and our customers are some of our exciting new product features, like Best Match and Credit Report Analysis.

Best Match analyses credit card features and eligibility criteria to show customers the card that is best for their situation. This reduces the chances of rejection for our customers, to protect their credit scores and not limit their borrowing opportunities in the future.

Our unique Credit Report Analysis, on the other hand, looks at the main contributing factors of a customer’s credit score over the past six years. It digests this information, and lays it out to our customers in an informative report, with personal explanations and advice on what they can do to improve their credit score and move on up to a better financial future.

We’re thrilled to get this continued industry recognition, which shows us we’re providing a genuinely valuable service to our customers and heading in the right direction.

Demystifying Credit Scores

Andrew Hagger, Moneynet Awards Judging Panel Chairman, said: “The judges felt that TotallyMoney warranted recognition for its role in demystifying the world of credit scores and giving consumers the guides and tools to make better decisions when looking for finance.

“TotallyMoney gives customers a real-time view of their score plus an invaluable score analysis feature which shows what has contributed to a user’s score and what they can do to get back on track.”

Once again, thank you to everyone at TotallyMoney for making this happen.