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Are you aware of Section 75? It just saved a commuter £2,400 on his credit card

It’s a thought everyone who takes public transport has entertained: ‘Why am I paying so much when my train/bus is late all the time?’ One commuter recently decided to act on this thought, and managed to get £2,400 out of it by using the little-known but incredibly useful Section 75 clause of his credit card. The Guardian recently covered the story of ‘Sean’, a regular commuter on Southern trains who applied for a 50% refund to American Express claiming ‘non-delivery of service’ after presenting evidence that 50% of his journeys were delayed or cancelled. How did he manage this? With Section 75.

What is Section 75?

Section 75 is a consumer-friendly bit of legislation which states that credit card companies are ‘jointly and severally liable’ alongside retailers, so if you pay for something on your credit card and something goes wrong (like your sofa isn’t delivered or your train is repeatedly delayed), you can go to your credit card provider and get your money back. It gives you extra protection for any £100+ purchase (up to £30,000), however you only have to put £1 of the purchase on your card to be covered. See our guide on Section 75 to learn more about the legislation and to see some examples of when it can be used to your advantage. After Sean spent £4,800 on his season ticket, he was awarded half the money back under Section 75. The Association of British Commuters (ABC) called his story a ‘triumph’ and has encouraged other passengers to look into the possibility of making their own claims. With regular strikes hitting commuters, particularly in London, now could be the right time to ensure you protect yourself by making any large purchases with the right card.