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May the fours be with you

TotallyMoney returns to the Credit Awards this year to defend our title of Best Place to Work For, alongside three new nominations: Best Marketing Campaign, Credit Information Provider of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year. But, how did we get there? Since last year’s win, we’ve done many things to maintain and improve …

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International Women’s Day 2019 – Balance for Better

To mark International Women’s Day 2019, we assembled the women of TotallyMoney in the nearby White Collar Factory for a special lunch to celebrate our successes, to strengthen our support network, and to discuss #balanceforbetter and the steps we can all take to help encourage gender balance in the workplace. We were delighted to be …

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TotallyMoney wins Best Credit Report Provider second year running

What a way to break in the new year! While some residents at TotallyMoney Towers had barely crawled their way back to the office from heavy festive partying (myself included), others had the delight of unwrapping this late but very welcome Christmas present. The award was given for Best Credit Report Provider in the 2019 …

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One Million Reasons to Celebrate

We recently hosted our colleagues, partners and the media to celebrate our millionth customer landmark. We presented what we will focus on in 2019 and drunk a few Proseccos (too many). Our gregarious chief commercial officer, Mr Tom Platt, tackled the complex issue of people getting rejected for credit and how we can solve this …

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An ‘outstanding’ year for staff engagement

Last week, TotallyMoney learnt we’d earned a 3-star accreditation from Best Companies, recognising us for ‘extraordinary’ levels of engagement. We were delighted, and we look forward to seeing whether we’ll join the ranks of a number of other fantastic companies on the Sunday Times Top 100 lists when they’re published early next year. Among our …

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A million customers and counting

It’s not everyday a business gets to celebrate such a huge milestone. That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to say we’ve now helped over a million customers make smarter borrowing decisions. Are there many businesses that achieve such speedy growth with so little noise? I don’t think so. That’s because we’ve bothered less with getting …

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Why Influencer Marketing Doesn’t Work for TotallyMoney (and probably many brands)

TotallyMoney is driven by data; we make decisions based on reason, not assumption. So, when we first discussed testing Influencer Marketing (IM), I was very keen to see if we, as a financial brand, could make it work. There was just one question on everyone’s lips: how would we measure it? The recommended success metric …

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At your best (you are love)

I first came across In-Deep when I met Emma and Colin Chapman earlier in the summer. Colin’s own story is a compelling one: a former rough sleeper in Westminster, where he became friends with the elderly and local residents who were kind enough to help him. After overcoming his own problems, Colin wanted to do …

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Free A/B/n Testing Tool with Statistical Significance

TotallyMoney have produced a free split testing tool for A/B/n tests which allows you to find the statistical significance of your results and visualise their uncertainty. Step by step guide to analysing the results of your A/B/n test: Make a copy of our tool from Google Sheets ( Input the number of visitors and conversions …

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Diversity in Tech 2018

Last week, I was really pleased to attend the Diversity in Tech 2018 conference, which provided a great opportunity to think both about how to build more diverse workplace cultures, and in so doing how to help our organisations build more diverse products.   At TotallyMoney, we’re committed to making our workplace inclusive. But, it’s …

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1,000 pull requests and counting

Today marks a special occasion: we’ve reached 1000 Pull Requests in our ‘My Account’ code repository. This shows a successful cumulative effort by a cross-functional team of developers, designers, UX and copywriters. We’re taking a moment to congratulate ourselves on 1000 examples of acting collaboratively!   Opening a Pull Request (PR) indicates that someone on the …

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How we’re making it easier for customers to fix credit report errors

If you’re reading this, most likely you have a TotallyMoney account and you have already checked your credit report and credit score. If you haven’t got one yet, don’t worry. You can sign-up for yours in less than five minutes. It’s totally free, forever!   Regardless of whether you have a high or a low …

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Ready for the release of Fluid?

For a long time, the credit industry has been saturated with balance transfer offers that target the prime market — that is, those whose credit ratings are almost perfect. At the time of writing, the longest balance transfer offer available is 36 months from MBNA. How good must your credit rating be for a lender …

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How We Won “Best Company To Work For” At 2018’s Credit Awards

When I joined TotallyMoney three years ago, I set myself a mission: to make TotallyMoney the best place to work in any industry. Fast forward to last Thursday, and I couldn’t be happier to see these efforts paying off. That’s because we won Best Company To Work For at 2018’s Credit Awards. Here’s what the …

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“Running is 80% mental”

As a keen runner, I decided a good way to raise some money and awareness for charity would be to run a marathon. But as a keen runner, I also thought: everyone does that.

This is a Big One – The Making of TotallyMoney’s New TV Advert with Anthea Turner

After the huge success of our first TV commercial featuring Clive Tyldesley, we’re excited to extend the world of our heroes, Julie and Dan. Our second TV advert launches nationally on 22nd April and we’re very excited about new and existing TotallyMoney customers seeing it – we think they’ll love it.   This time it’s Julie …

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Running with Scissors

‘Cut and paste’ might have become a shorthand for lazy thinking and stealing other people’s idea, but, armed with scissors, glue and a stack of old magazines, the TotallyMoney Collage Club tapped into our creative unconscious. And it turned out to be quite a dark and twisted place at times. Collage Club founder Steph Hartman got us started with …

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An Introduction to Borrowing Power

Borrowing Power is unique to TotallyMoney. It’s one number to show how likely you are to be accepted when you apply for credit — and you won’t find it anywhere else. Think of it as your credit health meter. The higher your Borrowing Power, the better the credit card and loan offers you’re likely to …

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Building a Data-Driven Culture

Data-driven decision making: the reality Data enables us to take risks out of decisions by confirming assumptions, as well as helping us to measure our progress. This data-driven approach has been a core driver of TotallyMoney’s success. However, we hit a few problems: i) One-dimensional reporting feeding into individual excel files. ii) Crude and varied …

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International Women’s Day: 3 Reasons to Celebrate at TotallyMoney

The approach to International Women’s Day always seems to be met with a mixed bag of emotions: from panic across boardrooms as businesses struggle to come up with ideas to celebrate it, to wry cynicism on the part of women who question the day’s actual usefulness and impact. While Nike’s IWD-themed ad featuring Serena Williams …

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10 Years of Henry (Tenry?)

It’s no mean feat for someone to serve one company for 10 years. That’s about one fifth of someone’s entire working life. Henry Keegan, Head of Search, is TotallyMoney’s longest serving employee, boasting a two-year lead on the person who takes second place. He was here during our first incarnation as Media Ingenuity Ltd. He …

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The 10 Commandments of GDPR

Brace yourself. GDPR is coming. Whether you’re ready or not. And if you’re not ready, we’re way ahead of you.   For years, businesses have been ‘tricking’ customers into opting in to all sorts of unwanted marketing communications via pre-ticked boxes (yes, I’m looking at you, you, and you). Such a ‘clever’ way to collect …

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Don’t Looker back in anger

Towards the end of 2017, the Marketing Team heard rumours of a new data analytics platform to replace the ‘Viper’ interface, which we built in-house using SQL. Although Viper provided most of the key metrics needed to optimise marketing campaigns and track performance, looking at the data would sometimes raise more questions than the data …

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Fresh thinking for customer success

In an economy where credit products are so readily available, it’s surprising how little we know about our own ability to get credit. If you asked any of my friends about their credit history you would likely be met with blank stares and confused looks. Understanding your credit report is important, but we are rarely, …

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Creating a personalised offers page for customers

In 2017, TotallyMoney created Borrowing Power to help customers understand how likely they are to get credit. Last week, with the launch of the new ‘Your Offers’ page, we’ve developed that idea into an optimised, personalised experience for all TotallyMoney account customers. Now  they can take full advantage of their Borrowing Power. We’ve seen how …

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No piece of cake getting a slice of the action

On Sunday, TotallyMoney’s 250,000th customer joined our service to get access to their free-forever credit report, Borrowing Power and best credit matches. Our growth since our September 2017 launch has been sensational.  In only five months, we’ve attracted one-quarter of a million people to use our service. In that time, we’ve launched a national TV advert, become …

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Attention is media’s true currency. And now there’s less to go round.

For many years I’ve questioned the true value of online media advertising. I’ve failed to believe in the hype of data driven, hyper targeted, super-personalised banners littering web pages. Beyond Facebook and Google’s astonishing strides in revolutionizing direct response advertising, there is a severe shortage of consumer attention to buy online. The challenge for marketers …

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The Polyglot Pipeline

The two prevailing languages at TotallyMoney are JavaScript and C# (.net). A typical product of ours is composed of a JavaScript frontend and a .net backend, with each component packaged separately. However, any single-code repository rarely contains a mixture of languages.   We create value for our customers by delivering quality products. The drawback of …

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The Hottest Game in Town

“I’ve got wood and I need a sheep” are not the words you usually hear in an office in Central London. However, earlier this year the offices of TotallyMoney were transported to 16th century undiscovered lands where we were faced with the daunting task of starting our own civilisations, building roads and cities while battling …

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How We Built a Free Credit Report

We recently launched our new free credit report on TotallyMoney and we had to do it in a fairly short time with a small team.  To be fair, small, focused teams is the way we prefer to work but it does mean we have to make careful choices about tools and technology in order to …

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Thrown in at the Deep End of PPC

Given that my role as Marketing Executive at TotallyMoney is my first job out of University, I hadn’t expected that within three weeks I’d be using AdWords Scripts to manage campaigns for one of our core services. I had, naïvely, thought that any tasks I might be given would be closely monitored and that, as …

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The Building Behind Building a Fairer Consumer Credit Market

TotallyMoney’s mission has always been to help customers get a better deal from the credit industry and to build a fairer credit market for consumers.  Once the idea to provide our customers with a free credit report was born and then, after all the negotiations, planning and designing were finalised, the task of building it came …

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Celebrating TotallyMoney’s Free Credit Score and Report

We took over a gallery in Fitzrovia to celebrate the launch of our Free Credit Score and Report service.
The event was intended to be two things: an opportunity to celebrate our success with partners and lenders and – more importantly – to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who worked so hard this year to ensure we launched the product on time. We had a great turn out and were really pleased that so many of our friends could help us mark the occasion.
Roadmap to a Party
Just as the new TotallyMoney product has been a long time in the planning and execution, so we had been mobilised in April to start planning the party. It was a strange sensation to be working on an event to launch something that was pretty abstract at the beginning of the process; and we had been given a September date in case of any slippage in the delivery date. But in the end we needn’t have worried. The product went to market and our TV ad hit the screens weeks before the party – we even surprised ourselves and had the app in the store at the beginning of that week!
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 6

TotallyMoney credit report launch party 1
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 2
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 3
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 4
‘And it was all Yellow’
We worked with a lot of great suppliers to pull off the event that we wanted, including Maule Brewery who sorted us out with a custom TotallyMoney lager for one night only! Graphics were provided by Contour Digital, who helped us put our own spin on the space, and pick up the ‘iconic’ yellow dots straight out of our live report dashboard… We’ll be working on the leftover sherbet lemons for a while yet.
TotallyMoney credit report launch party 7

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Making an Amazing TV Ad

The things to consider when embarking on a new TV campaign: some questions to ask to ensure that your brief will be met and that you’ll be happy with the finished creative.

The Day I Scored at Work

The beauty of technology-driven finance products is that they put live, actionable information into people’s hands to help them make better financial decisions. This is what we are doing with our free credit report.

Contact. Less is More

A look into the rapidly growing world of contactless payments and the impact this could have on credit cards, and possibly even mobile phones.

It’s an Aard Knock Life recently had an away were we learnt how characters such as Gromit and Shaun the Sheep can say so much without speaking.

A View on TV Marketing in 2017

Senior Marketing Manager Ben Reeves gives his thoughts on what companies should think about if they are marketing their brand and product or service offering on TV in 2017. – ‘Better Diet Comparison’

With the average diet only lasting for 19 days, has taken a look at some of the most popular, analysing the ideas behind them, meal plans and both the health costs and potential financial costs involved.

Mind the Product conference 2016: How to succeed as a product manager

Being a product manager is easy right? All we’ve got to do is ideate a list, prioritise that list and lastly execute said list – Here are the fundamentals taken from the Mind the Product London 2016 conference to make sure our products succeed in three simple steps.

Consumer confidence remains high, but millions still missing out on cheaper borrowing

The latest consumer credit figures from the bba show that consumer credit is growing at 7.2%, the highest rate in a decade. It seems that consumer confidence remains strong following the Brexit referendum. Savvy borrowers are continuing to take advantage of the cheap deals that followed in the wake of the Bank of England interest rate …

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6 questions with the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition judges – Part 1: Alastair Douglas

We recently launched the Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition, in which we are asking filmmakers of all levels to submit their 60-second films that immediately grab the attention of the viewer. To give entrants a better idea of what the judges are looking for we asked them some questions about film, advertising and what makes their thumbs stop scrolling. We started off by speaking to competition judge and CEO Alastair Douglas.

Generate London 2016 Part 1: The future of web design

Three designers from recently attended the Generate London 2016 conference. This is the first in a three-part series of blog posts focusing on the conference. Is web design a secure career? Should designers code? These questions often cross my mind and make me question my career and skill set as a designer. They were …

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Thumb-Stopping Moments: Why a credit comparison site decided to launch a film competition

In the age of social media the user’s attention has become a difficult prize to win. The average person scrolling through their Facebook feed for 30 seconds will see dozens of news stories, videos and adverts. The big question, ‘what grabs people’s attention?’, is something marketing departments have puzzled over for years, and the answer …

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Cycle to work day: Why you should be hopping on the cycle to work scheme

Wednesday 14 September 2016 is the day to follow Norman Tebbit’s (misquoted) advice and “get on your bike”. One of the most cost effective ways to join the 741,000 people who regularly cycle to work is to take advantage of the cycle to work scheme which several organisations, including, offer to their employees. What …

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Creative marketing makes awards’ shortlists

It’s awards season and is mixing it with some major league players in shortlists for the DADIs and the Masters of Marketing. Our Commuter Hotspots Tool has been shortlisted in the Branded Content category at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries (DADI) awards. The interactive map that allows users to narrow down their search for …

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Credit card holders to get ‘time to find a new deal’ alerts

Last week, the FCA published their Credit Card Market Final Findings and announced the introduction of measures designed to protect consumers. The publication highlighted two particular concerns. First, that a significant number of people in the UK carry potentially problematic debt for a number of years – they found that 650,000 people had been in …

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Will you start the fans, please!

We’ve given the meeting rooms here at a lick of paint. Following a Crystal Maze theme, each room is modelled on one of the hit ’90s gameshow’s zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval, with the boardroom taking its cue from the ultimate Crystal Dome destination.   Why the Crystal Maze? Well, it was something …

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Sittin’ On the Docker of the API

Continuing the theme of Microsoft’s recent endeavours to move their entire development stack towards a platform agnostic, more Open Source world, I thought I’d share some of the adventures I’ve had along this bleeding edge of development. Here at, we are happy to have been early adopters of .Net Core, using it to power …

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Customer complaints about credit cards continue to fall

The number of complaints received by the financial ombudsman service about credit cards has fallen for the third consecutive year. The ombudsman’s annual review of consumer complaints, published today, reported 8,200 received complaints in 2016, down from 19,634 in 2013; a drop of 58% over three years.1 Many of the complaints received were about claims …

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(Some) rules of software development that might apply in the rest of your life

Many of these rules relate to software development, but can be applied more broadly and produce some interesting learnings for business. Occam’s Razor The simplest answer is usually correct. Recognised long before the time of William of Ockham, after whom the rule is named, the learning from this rule is that minimising your assumptions can …

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Get on the electoral roll and make your voice heard

One in six Londoners risks not having a voice in the upcoming mayoral elections. With just five days until the 18 April deadline for voter registration, nearly one million people living in the capital who are old enough to vote are not on the electoral roll. Voiceless: The percentage of unregistered eligible voters in each London borough …

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Match Factor: Smarter Credit Comparison

I’m excited to be able to announce a first for the credit industry: intelligent search results ranking for credit products. Match Factor performs a series of complex calculations and analyses of eligibility; APR and other product features; lender acceptance data; and usability and user experience insights. These algorithms are personalised to reveal the best …

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Why we want to End Duchenne in Ten

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a devastating disease; it’s the most common fatal genetic disease diagnosed in childhood, it’s 100% fatal and there is no cure. Those affected by Duchenne, most of whom are boys, will be in a wheelchair by the age of 10-12 years and few live much beyond their 21st birthday. Emily Crossley, …

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