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Popular Reasons for Taking out a Loan

Whatever your reason for borrowing, we help almost 14,000 people find the best offers every month

Debt consolidation

A personal loan could help cut the cost of existing debt by making your monthly repayments more affordable and easier to keep track of.

Home improvement

Spreading the cost of a new bathroom or kitchen might be an affordable way to update your home or even increase the value of your property.

Vehicle finance

With lenders offering to get the money in your account in 24 hours, a personal loan could help you get the keys to your next car or bike.

Tips for Managing Your Loan

Borrow as little as possible for the shortest time possible

Check and then check again that you’re borrowing the absolute minimum you need. It’s always cheaper to borrow only as much as you need and to pay back over the shortest time period possible. The faster you repay, the less interest you pay.

Calculate what you can afford to pay back each month

Can you afford the monthly repayments for the total duration of the loan? When you compare rates, use a comparison tool that lets you change how long you can borrow for so that you can compare the cost of the monthly repayment to see if you can afford it!

Check that your credit file is accurate

Make sure that your credit file is up to date and error free. For more information read our credit rating guide.

Only apply for loans you know you’re likely to get

All advertised loan and credit card %APRs are either representative or typical – this means only 51% (representative) or 66% (typical) of successful applicants are guaranteed to get the advertised rate. That leaves a lot of people being rejected, or offered loan rates much higher than they expected. Worse still being declined can damage your credit rating.

Understand your different loan options

Personal loans

Personal loans are one of the most common types of loans. Often used to secure money for one-off purchases, personal loans can be used to borrow between £1,000 and £25,000 and tend to have terms ranging from 12 months to seven years. While they initially appear attractive due to their low %APRs and the fact that personal loans are not secured against your property, you will need a solid credit history to be eligible for one. Using our free eligibility checker, you can see which personal loans you are most likely to be accepted for online.

Homeowner loans

Homeowner loans enable you to borrow larger amounts of money, however, as they are secured against your property, they come with the inherent risk that you could lose your home if you fail to keep up with repayments. Of course, securing the loan against your property means lenders might be willing to offer you a loan even if you have been rejected for a personal loan. Typically homeowner loans run for longer periods of up to 25 years, and allow you to borrow up to £100,000. Use our eligibility checker to find homeowner loans you are eligible for.

Bad credit loans

Loans for people with poor credit can help you rebuild your credit score, provided you keep up with repayments. Therefore, it is essential that when searching for a bad credit loan you look for something you can you can afford. If you fail to keep up with repayments, you will do further damage to your credit score, making it even harder for you to find cheap loans or take out a credit card in future. Of course, if you chose a loan that you can pay back in full and not miss any repayments you'll demonstrate that you're a responsible borrower, making you more attractive to potential lenders.

Credit cards

Getting a loan is not always the most cost-effective way to borrow money. If you are looking to borrow less than £2,000 or trying to consolidate credit card debts a credit card might be a better option than a personal loan. However, with so many available to you, it’s important to make sure you get the best rate possible using our eligibility checker. Credit cards can be less desirable if you need a quick loan, however, as the application process can take longer than a loan.