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Taking a customer-centric approach to financial services

Nikki Gilland recently sat down with CEO Alastair Douglas to get his thoughts on the company's success, future challenges and consumer-facing finance in general. Here's what he had to say

How Improving and Understanding Borrowing Power Leads to Improved Financial Products for UK Residents

TotallyMoney takes the legwork out of understanding your credit score and gives you more time to enjoy its benefits. Read the full story

TotallyMoney gives Free Credit Report to 250,000+ customers in less than six months

Customers can get real-time notifications to help them understand any changes to their credit score, writes Adam West at Read the full story

Do you need a credit card to improve your credit score?

TotallyMoney CEO Alastair Douglas talks with about how debt affects your credit score and the best ways to improve it. Read the full story

Using multidisciplinary skills to run successful campaigns

Having a range of diverse experiences to draw on is key to developing an effective business strategy and, when it comes to marketing, it’s important to challenge the norm. Learn why

The perceptions of the FD role are catching up with reality

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“It’s important that consumers are given the right tools to help them understand and improve their underlying financial situation and TotallyMoney delivers on both fronts.”

Andrew Hagger, Personal Finance Expert

“The eligibility score considers your credit history along with changes in the market, making it the only score that is directly related to the credit that is available to you as an individual.”

Lauren O’Callaghan, Express

“Get a rough idea of whether you will be accepted by running a ‘soft search’ on a comparison site such as … TotallyMoney … before you apply for a card. This avoids staining your credit file.”

Dan Hyde, The Telegraph

“Calculate how much you could save on your purchases by using a balance transfer calculator such as the one at TotallyMoney.”

Daniel ‘Mr Money’ Jones, The Sun

“Tap your details into the eligibility checker tools at TotallyMoney and they’ll show you which cards are most likely to accept you.”

Ruth Jackson, Moneywise

“TotallyMoney … was launched in 2007, allowing people to compare credit cards, loans and mortgages and helping people to switch.”

Oscar Williams-Grut, London Evening Standard