Financial technology

Our technology platforms are making credit decisions fairer for consumers and delivering efficiencies for lenders.

Fairer for consumers

In a confusing credit market, consumers can end up settling for poor value products or applying for offers that they are ineligible for.

TotallyMoney’s technology platform makes the credit application process transparent and allows consumers to make smarter credit decisions, based on the most cost-effective options available to them.

Better for lenders

With many credit issuers rejecting most of the people who apply for their products, inefficiency and customer wastage is rife.

The focused targeting and sophisticated online sales journeys that the TotallyMoney platform delivers can improve yields for issuers. Our technology powers credit matching for some of the UK’s biggest banks and we are an integral part of the UK consumer credit ecosystem.

Comparison platform

The TotallyMoney credit comparison platform helps thousands of people find the best credit deals that they qualify for every day. Our customers can quickly and easily check their eligibility, compare products based on personalised search results and make focused applications for the credit card or loan that is most likely to accept them.

Rejected applications damage credit ratings and make it even harder for customers to get credit in the future. Our service helps reduce consumers’ risk of being rejected and protects their credit ratings.

White labels

Our comparison platform has been developed as a software service that can be seamlessly integrated into third-party sites. Our eligibility-led credit cards and loans comparison tools can already be found powering Credit Karma, Clearscore and others.

However you choose to style your comparison tool, under the hood it will have all the functionality of the TotallyMoney platform. Each white label product is updated and maintained in sync with our own code base so you can take advantage of the latest features and improvements as soon as they are released.

Best match

We believe that if someone has their credit card or loan application rejected, that should not be the end of their journey. With more than 100 credit cards and 1000s of loan products on our platform we can help customers find an alternative borrowing option. We like to think of it as the credit match equivalent of the Clearing service that helps students who haven’t quite made the grade secure a university place.

And this TotallyMoney-powered service, tailored to your specific needs, can be baked into your existing application process.

Online instant decisions

Instant decisions, based on the results of a pre-application eligibility check, are part of a fairer, better journey for consumers. The credit searches involved in these decisions leave no footprint on the customer’s credit file so do not harm their chances of successfully applying for credit in the future. Greater certainty when applying for credit gives customers peace of mind.