Eligibility stories

Learn about how we've helped our customers find credit cards, get accepted and take control of their finances

Watch Christopher's story

Watch Christopher's eligibility story

When Christopher found that he was no longer able to borrow because of debts run up by someone else in his name, he used TotallyMoney to take control of his finances. Now he's able to enjoy greater financial freedom.

Watch Kristen's story

Watch Kristen's eligibility story

Kristen had used her credit card to help cover costs while she was at university. After graduating, she wanted to make a fresh start and used TotallyMoney to find a balance transfer card that would allow her to pay off her debt.

Watch Evan's story

Watch Evan's eligibility story

Evan was a victim of identity theft, which left him looking for a way to rebuild his credit rating. A friend recommended TotallyMoney and he was able to get accepted for a credit card and start to get back on track.

Watch Peter's story

Watch Peter's eligibility story

Peter came back to the UK after several years working abroad to find that, in the eyes of credit card lenders, he didn't exist. He used the TotallyMoney credit eligibility check to find a credit building credit card and start to establish a good credit history. Now he's building his life back in the UK.

Have you got a story?

Here at TotallyMoney we are always looking for ways to improve our credit comparison service. If you have an eligibility story and would like to star in a case study video, we would love to hear from you and learn from your experience. Tell us about how you got on with our service by emailing us.

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