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Improve your credit score

Improve your credit score
  • report@2x

    Full credit report

    We make it easy to understand all the info in your credit file, so you know where you stand.

  • analysis@2x

    Six years’ analysis

    We tell you why you got your credit score, what's affecting it, and how to improve.

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    Easy error correction

    If banks and lenders have the wrong info, it'll be wrong in your credit file. So, we've made it easy to fix any errors.

  • 91% of customers

    better understand their credit score after seeing their TotallyMoney analysis

    Based on a survey of 958 TotallyMoney credit report customers

Stay one step ahead

Stay one step ahead
  • livescore@2x

    Live credit score

    We show your most recent credit score happenings, so you can track changes in real time.

  • timeline@2x

    Credit score timeline

    See your credit score history and watch how you're improving.

  • notifications@2x

    Personalised updates

    We always let you know when your score changes and why.

  • TotallyMoney keep me informed on a regular basis about what’s happening


Get your best deal

Get your best deal
  • bestmatch@2x

    Best credit matches

    We know how to find the best offers for you, based on what's in your credit file and what lenders are looking for.

  • preapproved@2x

    Pre-approved offers

    Rejection harms your credit rating. That's why we show you the lenders that can give you a YES before you apply.

  • rate@2x

    Guaranteed rates

    Often, you don't get the rate advertised. That's why we challenge lenders across the UK to stick to the rate shown.

  • Good info — helps you get the best deals on credit cards


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