The World’s Favourite Films


You might think that Hollywood blockbusters dominate the worldwide box office with films like Avatar and The Avengers.

However the biggest film in China since 2006 wasn’t either of these. It was The Mermaid – a film created by filmmakers from China and Hong-Kong, which pulled in US$553 million (£449 million) at the start of 2016.

We’ve looked at the highest-grossing films throughout the world in the last ten years, and it turns out many countries eschew more well-known Western films for works by local filmmakers.

French film Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis was the highest grossing film between 2006 and 2016 in France, Algeria, Monaco, Morocco and Tunisia. In Turkey the local film Recep Ivedik 4 became the country’s highest-grossing movie of the past 10 years.

See the highest-grossing films from across the globe with our world Favourite Films infographic.

This research was carried out in celebration of our Thumb-Stopping Moments short film competition, where filmmakers of all levels have a chance to win £7,000 by making an attention-grabbing 60-second film.