The UK’s Average Credit Scores

We’ve mapped out the average credit scores across the UK. How does your score compare with your neighbours and the rest of the UK?

Aside from nosiness and the satisfaction of knowing you’re beating your neighbours, why is it important to know your credit score?

Whether it’s a mortgage on a house, a loan for home improvements, a travel credit card for when you’re on holiday, or something else, knowing your credit score makes it easier for you to plan the future you want.

Not sure what your credit score is? Sign up for your Free Credit Report to find out. Then use our map to see the UK’s credit score hotspots, and find out where you stand. Are you above or below average?

What’s a credit score?

Your credit score is a number that gives you a rough idea of your credit file’s health and shows you how well you’re managing your finances. Your credit score from TotallyMoney shows you reasons why it’s changed, and gets updated whenever you log in.

Top 20 Average Credit Score Areas

Many consider London to be the UK’s financial centre, but our research shows it’s the capital’s surrounding areas that have the top credit scores. In a way, this makes sense: it’s not unusual for those working in London to live outside of it.

Bottom 20 Average Credit Score Areas

You’ve heard about the credit haves, but what about the credit have nots? Here are the areas that could do with improving their credit score.

What’s Borrowing Power?

You might have noticed some areas perform better than others, even though they have the same average credit score. That’s because those areas have a higher average Borrowing Power.

Borrowing Power is a unique measure of your ability to get credit. It’s a number between 1 and 10 that shows you what lenders really think of you, and helps you find the offers you’re most likely to get.

Borrowing Power is exclusive to TotallyMoney. It’s different from a credit score because it gives you an up-to-date idea of the credit products you can get, is based on real-world market activity — as well as your financial behaviour.

Top 10 Average Borrowing Power Areas

Why you need to know what’s on your credit report

If you’re wondering how you compare with the rest of the UK, sign up for your Free Credit Report. You’ll find out your credit score and your Borrowing Power, plus learn how you can improve them.

As well as tracking your Borrowing Power and understanding what lenders really think of you, it’s important to check your credit report regularly.

Before you put in any application for credit, you should make sure that all the information on your credit report is up to date and correct. And don’t assume that everything will be right on your report – according to credit reference agency TransUnion, more than one in four people who check their credit reports find errors.