The UK’s most stressed cities

stressedThere are certain things we all look for when searching for a place to call home: decent schools, job opportunities, good transport… but how about a lack of stress?

We’ve looked into the most stressful aspects of life and how they affect the UK to find the country’s most stressed cities.

Some of the results are unsurprising, such as the hustle and bustle of London making it a fairly stressful place while the nightlife in Newcastle upon Tyne gives the city a more tranquil atmosphere.

Other results were a little harder to predict, such as a quaint seaside town being the most stressed place in Britain.

Several different factors were considered when determining the stress-levels of the cities, including commute time, job market, finances, unhappiness and crime levels.

Where does your hometown place high up on the index? Do you need to chill out a bit or step your life up a gear? Find out here.