Where are you on the UK eligibility map?

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How much access to credit do people around the UK have? It’s a big question, but we’ve found a simple way to show you the answer.

The UK Eligibility Map shows the average eligibility score in each of the UK’s postcode areas.

The map shows areas with higher eligibility scores as lighter shades and lower eligibility areas as darker shades.

We’ve also looked at the average eligibility scores in the UK’s ten largest cities. Out of these only six (Bradford, London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield) have an average eligibility score which sits equal to or above the national average of 329.

An eligibility score is a real-time snapshot of someone’s access to credit. Therefore the average scores can fluctuate day-to-day due to changes in people’s credit files or in the markets. All the averages used in this research were calculated on 18 April 2017.

With Brexit in full swing and a general election around the corner, the UK is looking like a quite a divided place. Do the variations in eligibility scores across the country show another kind of split? Check out the map to see the average eligibility score in your local area.