Ways to Save on Your Summer Holiday

Going on holiday abroad is a chance to have a well-deserved break, enjoy a change of scenery, and take some time to relax. Unfortunately, the stress of spending while travelling can often ruin the experience. Stay savvy this summer, and follow our tips to keep costs low!

If you’re yet to book your holiday, one thing to remember is that if your flights or package holiday costs over £100, it’s best to pay by credit card because you get extra protection. If the flight gets cancelled, under Section 75, you can get a full refund! Find out more here.

Buy before you fly

A holiday essential is, of course, sun cream; but it is usually more expensive abroad, so make sure to buy before you fly! Don’t be put off by sun creams that are extremely cheap; as long as they have a UVA rating on the bottle (4 or 5 stars recommended) and an SPF rating (high, 30+ SPF recommended), they are completely fine. Another thing to look for on sun cream bottles is the period after opening (PAO) number – it will be a number inside an open jar icon on the back, and the number represents how many months it is acceptable to keep using the sun cream for. Don’t waste and throw away old sun creams before checking the POA number! You can also bag cheap sun cream deals from Home Bargains, which sells top brands at discounted prices.

Say ‘adios!’ to exchange rates

Beat extortionate exchange rates and save yourself money with WeSwap.

One of the biggest hassles while travelling is converting your currency. This is one area where you can end up losing money, because the exchange rate used by currency converters are usually very high and they charge hidden fees. The best way to beat it is to use WeSwap, which cuts out the middle-man and lets you exchange money with people abroad for no hidden fees! Your money is sent to you loaded onto a free WeSwap prepaid MasterCard which you receive when you sign up. The whole process couldn’t be easier, and it’s a great way to be able to have more cash to spend while you’re holidaying!

Get clever about credit

If you use your credit card properly, it can be a very cheap and safe way of spending abroad; but beware, as there are times when it can work against you. One thing to remember when using your credit card abroad is NEVER to use it to take money out from an ATM! You will be charged an interest fee, so make sure to use a debit card instead. Our guide can help.

Check the overseas usage rates and fees with your credit card provider, and if these are high, you can always try an Overseas Spending credit card. These are designed specifically for using abroad, so can often work out cheaper! Find out more here.

Never pay in British pounds with your debit card while you’re abroad.

When you’re in a foreign country and want to pay or withdraw money with a debit card, ALWAYS choose the option of paying in the local currency, NEVER in British pounds. Otherwise, the bank or ATM decides the exchange rate for you, and this will always be extremely high and end up ripping you off!

Follow our top travel tips and really get to relax this summer. You’ve earned it!