Square Deal: London’s property costs per square foot


While everyone knows how expensive property in London is, it really hits home when you break it down and find out exactly what you’re paying for.

By looking into average price per square foot of property near each of the capital’s tube stations we get a startling view of London’s property prices. We’ve taken the famous tube map and listed the average price per square foot of property near each station to illustrate the findings, which you can see here.

It might not surprise you to learn that a single square foot of property near Covent Garden Underground station will cost you on average £1,953. However the average sized one-bedroom flat in London is about 500 square feet, which means if you want more than a small cupboard, you’re going to have to find £976,500, according to the research.

Another thing to mull over while you stare at this map in disbelief – at 12.8 inches wide and 8.94 inches deep, the £1,599 Macbook Air from Apple has a surface area of 114.4 square inches. This means that a square foot of Macbook Air is worth £1,265. Therefore if you own property anywhere more expensive than the area around Embankment station (£1,250 per square foot) your floor is worth more than a carpet made of Macbook Airs.