The Four Best Places to Retire Abroad

As the memories of summer and warm weather fade away, many of us dream of moving abroad. And what better time than during retirement? If you want to make your pension stretch a bit further, there’s no place quite like Europe!

Not only can you enjoy an improved quality of life, but you’ll remain in easy reach of your friends and family in the UK. We’ve researched the best places based on sunshine, flight times and life expectancy, so you don’t have to! Browse our top 4 picks below.

South of France

For the last few decades, the Southern parts of France have become a favourite hotspot for a lot of British tourists. From the Mediterranean beaches on the island of Corsica and the French Riviera to the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees mountains, France is the perfect place for any British expat looking to make the move without being too far from home!

The stats:

Average sunny days per year in Southern France: 114
Life expectancy:  82.57
Average wage: £ 1614
Flight from London: approx. 1h45

Good: if you like a tasty Camembert, game of Pétanque and are not scared of learning French.

The Algarve

Yellow rocks and sandy beach

Enjoying one of the most stable climates in the world, the Algarve boasts moderate and desirable weather influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and its proximity to North Africa. It’s no wonder this Portuguese region is fast becoming a favourite for Brits in need of sun, beautiful landscapes and relaxation.

The stats:

Average sunny days per year: 116
Life expectancy: 80.37
Average wage: £740
Flight from London: 2h50

Good: if you like nature and are looking for an active retirement

La Costa Del Sol

La Costa del Sol needs no introduction. Since the boom of Benidorm in the 70’s, you’re likely to find more chippies here than paellas. With its massive British community, it’s definitely the best destination for retirees who want to retain a UK lifestyle with a lot more sunshine.

The stats:

Average sunny days per year: 116
Life expectancy: 82.38
Average wage: £1276
Flight from London: 2h50

Good: if you want to be surrounded by fellow Brits and are looking for home comforts in the sun.


Maybe the least obvious of the lot, Croatia has a lot to offer with its 1001 islands and Dubrovnik nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic. Plus, you can get much more for your money – the cheap housing market means it’s definitely a great place to retire to.

The stats:

Average sunny days per year: 115
Life expectancy: 76.92
Average wage: £556
Flight from London: 2h40

Good: if you’re looking for a more Mediterranean lifestyle and enjoy boat trips.


So there you have our top 4 destinations for a sunny retirement! Be sure to share with us your favourite place on our Twitter or Facebook pages. We are always looking for some early retirement inspiration!