From Punting to Prostitutes: The UK & Ireland’s Cost Obsessions Revealed

cost obsession map

One of Britain’s favourite national pastimes is complaining about the how much everything costs these days. Of course, there are a lot of people in the UK who all seem to be concerned about the price of different things.

We’ve looked into the real cost-of-living concerns for people throughout the country, to find out who is worried about the price of a pint and who is more concerned about how dear season tickets are.

The folks down in Cornwall obviously know how to enjoy themselves, as they are worried about the price of cinema tickets and going bowling. Those living in Sheffield obviously like a different sort of recreation, as they have been Googling the price prostitutes.

The research was conducted by simply typing ‘how much does * cost’, ‘how much do * cost’ or a similar price enquiry for each location. We then put together a list of the predictions that filled the blank. Google’s autocomplete feature is based on an algorithm reflecting, among other factors, the number of times a term has been searched for in the past.

To see what people in your area are Googling the cost of, take a look at our UK and Ireland Cost Obsession map.