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What if the cost of your weekly food shop had risen at the same rate as house prices?

Statistics show that house prices across most of the UK are now rising at almost pre-credit crun

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Un-frugal habits I cannot kick!

Yesterday I had a mild panic attack. I realised that it was exactly five months to the day of our wedding.  I’ve known all along that, obviously, the big day was going to arrive eventually, but for some reason five months seems like absolutely no time at all, compared to six months, which is where… Read more »

Let it ride… all the way to the curb.

I recently had dinner with an old friend of mine. We’re quite close, even though we only see each other a few times a year due to geographical constraints.  But a few weeks ago she was in town and we met up for margaritas and a good ol’ chin wag. As you do. This friend… Read more »

Would you ever move back home to save cash?

I read an article this morning written by Cosmo Landesman, a 52 year old man who had recently moved back home with his elderly parents thanks to the unhappy impact his divorce, and the credit crunch, has had on his finances. I have two friends, both in their mid-late 20s, who moved back into their respective… Read more »

Should homeowners be bailed out?

Another week, another plan by Gordon Brown to inject life back into the housing market. Some of the plans so far this year have included stamp duty exemption for homes under the value of £250,000; and the expansion of shared-equity housing schemes where first time buyers buy half of their chosen property and the government… Read more »

A not-so-FruGal day…

My frugal ways went to pieces today. Firstly, I overslept. That means I didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home so had to buy something on the way to work. I also couldn’t bring myself to make a salad this morning for my lunch today (just sort of died a little bit inside when… Read more »

The Savings Hump

This morning I had the joyful experience of spending £2,000 in one hit. No, wait, not joyful, actually a little painful.  All for a good cause of course: the second instalment of our wedding photography package.  The good news is that there is only one instalment to go on that particular part of the wedding;… Read more »

It’s never too early to think about retirement

Following on from my last post about my lack of savings, I was a little freaked out by Miss Thrifty’s post the other day, which warned that many 50-something women are finding themselves with no savings to speak of, and no way to fund their retirement.  More than a little reminiscent of the Sex and… Read more »

Save or repay debt?

Other than The Wedding Fund, which is obviously earmarked for a particular purpose and will be gone come February, I have no savings. Zip. Zero… Zilch.  Am I alone? I am starting to think I might be… A major feature of the personal finance blogs I have been reading lately is the emphasis the authors… Read more »