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What if the cost of your weekly food shop had risen at the same rate as house prices?

Statistics show that house prices across most of the UK are now rising at almost pre-credit crun

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Top Payday money-saving tips

In the UK, payday typically takes place only once a month, which – when I first started working here – I hated.  Now I prefer it.  I find it keeps my finances very simple, as all my bills are also paid monthly.  I can’t imagine the headache that must come from being paid weekly or… Read more »

Have Yourself a Very Frugal Christmas: Ultimate Money Saving Tips for the Holiday Season!

Don’t you wonder sometimes if Christmas decorations and festive window fronts are designed to hypnotize you in order to induce giddy spending?  It’s the most difficult time of year to stick to your budget, but with some careful planning and carefully sprinkled frugal wisdom it is possible… 1. In order to curb careless spending during… Read more »

Hey everyone: We’re underwriting homeowners’ mortgages!!

Isn’t that nice of us?! Before you get too carried away, I should explain that we’re not doing this by choice. Quite the opposite, in fact. Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday announced an emergency bailout plan to help struggling homeowners deal with high mortgage payments and the loss of income due to change in employment… Read more »

Not-So-Personal Finances Part 2: Spending, Saving & Blogging

When I first discovered blogging, it didn’t take long surfing through the hundreds of Personal Finance blogs to realise that there are generally two types of PF bloggers: those who spend and those who save.  It seems that like most things in life, the PF blogosphere can be divided into two categories or personality types:… Read more »

Not-So-Personal Finances Part 1: The Art of the PF Blog

Here is the first instalment of my series on blogging about blogging. I find the blogging process both interesting and revealing. Hopefully you will too! Enjoy. Part 1: The Art of the PF Blog Is it just me or have PF blogs suddenly become fashionable since the credit crunch?  It seems like a lot of… Read more »

Is there such a thing as good debt?

Money-wise, I am completely preoccupied by our wedding at the moment (4 months to go, but who’s counting?!) Our careful budgeting and saving over the past 10 months means that we will enjoy our wedding day without going into any debt for it.  Kick ass! However, many people do go into debt (and a lot… Read more »

Is the credit crunch threatening your relationship?

Want to hear something interesting (and sad)?  Apparently the credit crunch is causing a flurry of divorce enquiries in the UK. According to the London Paper on Friday: ‘As the UK edges close to recession, the number of divorce inquiries has rocketed. Rich spouses are keen to finalise deals while the value of their assets… Read more »

Have you got financial fatigue?

Sometimes I feel like if I hear the words ‘credit crunch’ again I will scream.  Does anyone else feel this way? The markets are in turmoil, but there’s so little that anyone can do about it, so some days I just feel like tuning out and skipping to the entertainment pages of the newspaper. I’m… Read more »

Don’t get screwed by your landlord. Top Tips.

Anyone who has ever been in the private rental game will know that sometimes it can be a real pain in the a**! If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably already know that I am actually a big fan of renting.  I have never understood why young people stretch themselves… Read more »

The stay at home wife debate

This morning I was having a look around Girls Just Wanna have Funds, a personal finance blog that you’ve probably heard of.  It was with some surprise and an increasing sinking feeling that I happened upon the article ‘Stay at home wives: the new status symbol?’ Note, that’s ‘wives’, not ‘mothers’. The article considered the… Read more »