The Overtime Calculator


It’s the word every worker shudders when they hear: overtime.

But overtime is just a way to stay on top of things and show the management how hard you’re working, right?

Well, it also costs the average UK worker dozens of hours of their lives each year.

We’ve surveyed the workers of Britain to find out just how much unpaid overtime is being put in across the country.

It turns out that due to unpaid overtime the average British worker is effectively grafting for free from the 14th of September until December the 31st each year.

At 8.2 hours a week, the average female worker was also found to do far more unpaid overtime than the average male worker, who puts in 6.4 hours a week.

You can see more information on the UK’s overtime habits with our infographic. If you’ve ever wondered about how much overtime your work gets out of you (we know you have), then use our overtime calculator to see exactly how many extra hours you’ve been putting in.