How Much is Your Retro Tech Worth Now?


Don’t be so eager to chuck all that junk in the back of your cupboard away – you might be sitting on a treasure chest.

We’ve looked at how much some retro tech items are worth these days and have found some surprising results.

An old-school analogue telephone from the 1970s could fetch up to £51.76 on eBay, whereas an old Polaroid 195 Camera from 1974 will sell for around £435!

By looking at the demand for seemingly outdated items on eBay we get some pretty clear evidence of people’s love for all things retro.

How much would you pay for an iPod classic (first released in 2001) today? Would you shell out for the nostalgia of holding a Nokia 3310 again? Take our quiz to see how much some of the items of yesteryear sell for online today.