How much money is spent on Candy Crush every year?

How much time do you spend playing games on your smartphone in a typical week?  An hour?  Two hours?  It’s difficult to know, isn’t it?  According to some research we carried out recently, where we looked into how much time and money people spend on the popular smartphone game Candy Crush, it might be more than you think.


Our research showed that, every hour, people spend the equivalent of 128 years playing Candy Crush, with 93 million people using the app every single day.

We also found that a whopping £856m ($1.3 billion) is spent on Candy Crush in-app purchases every year – that’s money spent on extra lives, extra moves, and boosters to smash candy which range in price from 79p ($1.20) to £3.99 ($6.04).

In addition, £48 ($72.93) is spent every second on in-app purchases within the total of 11 games owned by, the interactive entertainment company behind Candy Crush. That’s more than double the amount of money spent on in-app purchases every second within games owned by Supercell (owner of Clash of Clans and 2 other games) and Rovio (owner of 18 games, 15 of which are Angry Birds branded) combined.

We’ve visualised our findings in a new piece of interactive content where you can discover how much time and money is spent on Candy crush every year, and also find out the amount players have spent on the game since you landed on the visualisation.