Make the Most of Black Friday Deals

For the avid shoppers out there, you’re probably well aware of the delightful deals Black Friday brings. Millions of Brits rush to grab a bargain at retail stores across the UK for the event once a year. Despite being an American custom, Black Friday has made its way into the UK market, becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

For those who don’t know, Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US and traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Retailers offer consumers one-off special deals, encouraging people to spend their hard-earned cash in the run-up to Christmas.

Cashback cards

While shoppers flock in their masses to purchase some great bargains, the question is, how are they actually spending their money? Black Friday presents a fantastic opportunity to earn as you spend and with only 8.7% of consumers having a cashback credit card, it seems that people are not taking advantage of these offers. The majority of people have the wrong rewards card in their pocket, but having the right cashback card could be earning you up to £383 a year in rewards.

Rewards calculator

A great way of checking the true value of your rewards card is by using our rewards calculator. This allows you to see the pound value of every rewards card available and it explains in simple terms which is the card best suited to you. The calculator gives you a monetary value for all rewards earned based on annual spend. Many retailers have their own store rewards cards, but they are unlikely to be offering you the best deals. It’s always better to do your research first, before you commit to a specific card.

Credit card comparison

We recommend anybody thinking of getting a credit card to do a full price comparison check. Our site offers a straight-forward credit card comparison tool which helps you to find the right type of card for your circumstances. With 34.7 million UK adults having never compared credit cards, it’s really no surprise that at least 80% of consumers have the wrong credit cards in their wallet. So, before you start your Black Friday shop, double check you’re really getting the most for your money and using the right credit card.