London’s Top Commuter Towns Revealed

If you’re sat on the 7.59am from High Wycombe to London Marylebone, take a look around; you’re looking at some of London’s savviest commuters.

The Buckinghamshire town tops the table of the best London commuter towns thanks to journey times of a little as 30 mins and average house prices a shade under £350,000.

With rising London property prices forcing many people to look further afield for their next home, we wanted to find a way to help them weigh up some of the key factors when deciding where to start their house hunt.


Our interactive map includes 89 of the most popular commuter towns within a 45-min train journey of the capital and allows you to filter your search by average house price, disposable income, travel time and season ticket price.

If journey time isn’t too great a concern for you, then Erith and other towns to the east of London rank highly for those looking for cheaper houses and lower season ticket costs.

If you want to spend less time on the train, then look to the north-east of the capital, but be prepared to pay a higher price for your house.

This tool doesn’t take into account what each of these towns has to offer in the way of shops, amenities and entertainment, but it provides a starting point and might help put some overlooked places back on commuters’ radar.