6 Inventive DIY Ideas for Less Than £15

Craving some small home improvements? We’ve put together six of our favourite creative DIY ideas to add some cute and quirky character.

  1. Basket Storage

Total cost: £9.50

Tired of there not being enough storage space for all of your child’s toys? Don’t worry – there’s an easy, cheap and charming solution. Using a wire wall-mounted planter basket is a great way to create storage for kids’ toys. The great thing about these is that they can be conveniently placed at the child’s level so they have easy access to getting the toys out to play, and (more importantly) putting them away! Best of all, when the kids are all grown up, you can use them to brighten up the room with some plants.

  1. Book Case Crates

Total cost: £12 or less

A great, easy DIY trick for storage is to redesign old wooden crates. If you don’t have any lying around the house, you can get some on eBay very cheaply. Now all you need is a bit of paint to bring them back to life, and there you have it! Stack them on top of one another to make a bookshelf, or use them as book boxes on the ground – either way, they’re easy and fun to make, and they add a retro, vintage feel to any room.

  1. Chalkboard

Total cost: £6

This is one the kids will absolutely love. Personalise your walls by painting them with a coat or two of this special blackboard paint. Once the paint’s on, you can use chalk to write personal messages and decorate the way you want! Kids can go crazy with their own chalkboard wall; you can have an erasable memo pad on your kitchen wall and you’ll make unwanted scribbles a thing of the past!

  1. Cork Pegs

Total cost: £4 or less

These cork pegs are a fun and quirky way to hang jewellery or scarves on the walls, and they let you get imaginative. Just stick the corks to the wall securely, and add a card silhouette cut-out of anything you like, and you have yourself some cute wall pegs! This is a great job to get the kids involved with too because they can design their own cut-outs and get inventive.

  1. BirdHouse NightLight

Total cost: £14 or less

A birdhouse nightlight is a great way to make nightlights cool! Paint the birdhouse however you want, and then hang it on the wall, with a bulb or nightlight at the back opening of the house. Simple to make, and enjoyable to decorate, these birdhouse nightlights add an unrivalled amount of charm and character to a kid’s room.

  1. Jam Jar Storage

Total cost: £6 or less

With the added benefit of looking adorable, this jam jar storage solution is easy, cheap and a great way to recycle any glass jars you have. Just place a magnetic strip along the wall, attach a magnet to the back of the jars et voila! Whether you decide to place them in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else, this feature will add a bit of character to any room.

Get stuck in and add some charming decorations to your home – Do It Yourself!